Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Should I Get Disqus For My Blog?

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I had it. I did not need convincing. And, Fred Wilson, my favorite blogger, was doing it. So. But then when I changed my template at Blogger.com where my blog is hosted (I am a Google fanboy) I did not bother adding Disqus again. I was not getting that many comments in the first place.

But now I am thinking about adding it again. Disqus is the leader of the pack. Noone does commenting better. And now that Disqus allows you to sign in with Facebook Connect, one major advantage Facebook Commenting had is no longer there.

I am strongly considering reinstalling Disqus at this blog.

I so appreciate blogs that have Disqus. Leaving comments is easy, and it is easy to track those comments should they generate replies. So if it works for me as a reader of other peoples' blogs, it perhaps will work for my readers.

The new and improved Disqus has really taken commenting at blogs to a whole new level. It was good enough originally but the new one is so much better. The little engine that could. Google is far behind in the arena and Facebook now no longer has obvious advantages in the space. And these are two companies that do not get accused of having become "Microsoft." I mean, they move pretty fast when it comes to innovation.

There is a lesson in there. If the intensity of your focus in the space is bigger than that of a big company, you will beat the big company.
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