Monday, July 30, 2012

adMarketplace: Beyond Google, Yahoo, Bing

adMarketplace goes where Google, Yahoo and Bing do not go.

adMarketplace On Facebook, On Twitter.

adMarketplace is a technology company with the largest search advertising network outside of Google and Yahoo. The 8th fastest-growing private company in New York, adMarketplace delivers data-driven performance to the Internet's leading marketers through the only search syndication platform that adjusts bids by both keyword and traffic source.

adMarketplace Delivers Accountability Syndicated search for the world beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing
Jamie Hill, CEO of adMarketplace. .... “When you’ve maxed out your efficiencies on the search engines, we’ll give you that extra 10 to 15 percent lift through our publisher network.” ..... adMarketplace’s data-driven technology platform is used to derive ROI from a wide range of global traffic sources. ...... type-in domain (where an Internet user types search terms into the browser nav¬igation bar instead of a search engine), toolbar search, opt-in email, rollover, contextual and mobile. .... The platform itself features tools for filtering, scoring and pricing, as well as a robust analytics suite. For large marketers, adMarketplace is offered as a managed service working with the company’s staff, and it is available as a self-serve service to advertisers of all sizes. ..... adMarketplace has seen its business increase 80 percent over the last year, and its headcount nearly double to more than 100 employees. On any given day, it may be serving upwards of 10,000 clients representing a range of vertical industries such as education, pharmaceuticals, insurance, auto, finance, legal and lead generation
Adam Epstein, adMarketplace: 27 Million And Counting

AdMarketplace - Wikipedia
Search Syndication is a sizable but often overlooked segment of the Search Engine Marketing industry. ..... adMarketplace was founded by James Hill in 2000. From 2003 to 2006, it was the exclusive search result advertising platform for eBay; when that exclusivity ended, the company opened its platform to all advertisers and publishers ...... The company is exclusively focused on search syndication advertising, placing text ads on web sites outside search engine result pages. ..... adMarketplace distributes text ads via toolbar search boxes, domain portfolios, email, mobile, rollover/in-text and type-in domains and has a proprietary data-driven technology platform comprising filtering, scoring, targeting, pricing and analytics. Its campaign analytics incorporate results based on both user behavior, including impressions and click-thrus, to conversion and even post-conversion data, such as sign-ups and purchases. adMarketplace’s pricing engine and analytics allow for real-time bid adjustment by ad placements, which the company claims results in a higher ROI
The Technology

adMarketpalce blog: The Mayer of Sunnyvale: What Does Yahoo's New CEO Have In Store?
Congratulations, Marissa Mayer (both on the new job and the pregnancy). When you're ready to fix Yahoo's search syndication, give us a call.
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