Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Stealing Kind Of App

Русский: Планшет
Русский: Планшет (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For all intents and purposes your mobile operating system should be more infected than Windows. If it is not it is because the bad guys simply have not had the time to zero in.

There is much more room for mischief in the mobile space.

Google Approves an App that Steals All Your Data
an app that stealthily steals personal data such as photos and contacts ..... Google needs to improve both its app-scanning system and its Android operating system. ...... SMS Bloxor was finally pulled from the store after the researchers uploaded a version that continuously sent all the data from a device back to the app's creators, without ever stopping. ..... app stores will soon be subject to significant criminal efforts .... the coming wave. ..... most examples of mobile malware consist of targeted attacks against individuals, such as CEOs that might have access to valuable corporate data. "Round the corner is going to be some more widespread catastrophe that's could hit tens of thousands or millions of users."
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