Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gigabit Fast

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Google Unveils Superfast Internet in Kansas City, Mo.
purchasing the gigabit Internet service for $70 a month ..... the current average household broadband speed was only slightly faster than it was 16 years ago .... Google wants to provide such high-speed Internet to flex its muscle in Washington, where policy makers have been criticized for being slow to deliver national broadband ..... “fiberhoods” ..... a free 5-megabit-per-second broadband connection .... Google believed “there’s no need for caps.” ..... “I’ve never met someone who’s said ‘My Internet connection is too fast.’” ...... if two cars left Kansas City for New York at the same time, the one traveling 100 times faster would reach New York before the other car even left Missouri
I wish Google entered the ISP space for good.

Just like Google Search is ad supported, Google Fiber should also be ad supported. Use snooping technology to serve just the right ads. And at gigabit speeds an ISP could serve ads like TV stations do.

There is so much potential.

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