Friday, July 27, 2012

Google And The Stagnant ISP Space

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I have long advocated Google go into the ISP space, strong and sturdy.

The economics of Google Fiber and what it means for U.S. broadband
this network isn’t a charity case .... goal is to bring the same efficiencies that have helped create cheaper, smaller and more powerful computers and create a cost and improvement curve for broadband access that resembles the curves for compute storage ..... what Google has done here has fundamentally lowered the cost of building and deploying a network ..... it will pummel existing ISPs on price and service ..... From the infrastructure on the back end to the TV and Wi-Fi routers in the home, Google has built its own stuff. .... taking the most basic elements of a network and assembling them into custom gear, much like it does on the data center side. ..... Google has built its own hard drive to act as a DVR, a TV box to provide channels and a network box that acts as a modem and provides Wi-Fi connectivity in the home ...... a QR code that a technician will scan. ..... Eventually consumers will be able to do this for themselves, perhaps after they order a box on Google’s Play store. .... “Why are the Comcasts and AT&Ts of the world complaining about how much it costs to serve up broadband when Google can deliver 100 times the traditional ISP’s top speeds for the same or a lower price.” .... “This is a beginning.”
Broadband speed has been the laggard in computing.
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