Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yahoo Phone, Google Office, Google Finance

Yahoo Phone

Now you can call from the Yahoo Messenger to a traditional phone for real cheap. That is quite an improvement. And you can give your Messenger a number so people can call you, and it costs you $25 a year.

I hope Google comes swinging to offer the same for free. Until down the road the idea of having a phone number sounds ridiculous. Don't you yave a messenger ID? Like your name? Or some version of it? And with broadband wireless, you have a cellphone with the same.

Yahoo launches Internet phone calling service San Jose Mercury News
Yahoo! offers phone calls via IMCNN International

Google Phone

Google has acquired a company that makes it look like it is now going to try and offer "Office" online. Hey, I talked about that prospect a long time back. This was but inevitable. Sergei, Larry, read this blog. I got vision alright. (Google's To Do List Keeps Growing)

Google steps into Office's domain

Of course word processing has to go online. So has everything else.

Help Users Create Content

Email, search and news are great and seamless at Google. But user created content has so many glitches. That is another growth area for Google.

Blogger has too many template problems too often. Next you know, your template has truncated, and your blog looks like Egyptian calligraphy.

And give many more template options.

Also Google Pages is not as easy to use as advertised. Make it easier. Much easier.

Google Video pay per view has been postponed, looks like forever. If they could make this possible, that would be an attack on traditional TV. Google Video has the potential to become a disruptive technology. But instead of empowering the individual, Google is too busy empowering the fat companies.

Offer an audio version of Google Video. Make it easy to create audio files and host them and publish them.

Audio, video, text. That's a finity.

The utter lack of anything close to seamlessness for user created content is Google's number one weakness right now.

Google Finance

Google launched it.

Google Finance doesn't reinvent on-line investing, but it's still ... Globe and Mail, Canada
Google Finance is Something Else WebCPA
Google Finance, a bit thin ZDNet
Google empire to move into the money This is Money
Why Google Finance Makes Me Sad
WebProNews, KY
Yahoo Responds to Google Finance Portal
Marketing Vox News
Mixed Reviews of Google Finance
Corante, MA
Google Launches Yahoo Finance Rival
WebProNews, KY

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft

Yahoo is not a direct Microsoft competitor, Google is. Google is also a direct Yahoo comptetitor. That is why Google's market cap is so much larger than that of Yahoo.


13 March12:24Deloitte & Touche, Hermitage, United States
13 March13:32Verado Inc., United States
13 March13:34United States Army, United States
14 March21:47U s Communications Corp., Japan
15 March14:39NTL Internet, Luton, United Kingdom
17 March19:48QUALCOMM Incorporated, San Diego, United States
18 March15:24State University of New York, United States
19 March11:20Datastream, Malta
20 March00:18Saudi Arabia Backbone, Saudi Arabia
20 March16:44XMission, Salt Lake City, United States
22 March06:04Wanadoo France, France
22 March14:50Telepac II, Portugal

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