Friday, June 30, 2023

31: The Line

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30: India

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30: Apple: 100B To 3T

Apple's next target: $3T Apple's market value is nearing the $3 trillion mark — a milestone no company has ever reached. The tech giant's shares have risen roughly 46% so far this year — worth about $900 billion — putting it in striking distance of the mark ahead of closing on Friday. The tech sector has seen a flurry of renewed optimism around the potential of artificial intelligence, with the Nasdaq up about 30% and on track for its best first half of a year since the 1980s. Apple has also benefited from a rebound in its iPhone business. .......

In early trading Friday, Apple shares were up almost 3% at $192.51, taking it past the $3 trillion mark.


From the moment the iPhone's sleek silhouette graced our lives, Apple's market value took a quantum leap from $100 billion to a staggering ~$3 trillion. This meteoric rise has anchored Apple's position as the reigning champion, the world's most valuable company.

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Monday, June 26, 2023

26: Russia


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A star cluster in the Milky Way appears to be as old as the universe Measuring ages of ancient clusters like M92 can help resolve a puzzle about cosmic evolution ......... One of the oldest known objects in the universe is wandering around the Milky Way. ......... One of the oldest known objects in the universe is wandering around the Milky Way. ....... The team found the cluster is 13.8 billion years old, give or take 750 million years. That’s strikingly close to the best estimate of the age of the universe: a smidge over 13.8 billion years, plus or minus 24 million years

Trump, the Worst Boss You’ve Ever Had Donald Trump did not — and does not — recognize any distinction between himself and the office of the presidency. He is it, and it is him. .......... This view is as close a fundamental rejection of American constitutionalism as you can imagine — and it helps explain much of the former president’s behavior in and out of office. It is why he could not abide any opposition to anything he tried to pursue, why he raged against the “deep state,” why he strained against every limit on his authority, why he rejected the very idea that he could lose the 2020 presidential election and why he decided he could simply take classified documents to his home in Florida. ...... For Trump, he is the president. He is the government. The documents, in his mind, belonged to him. .......... Of course, business owners have always been a critical part of state and local Republican politics. The nation’s state legislatures and county boards of supervisors are full of the proprietors of family-owned car dealerships, fast food franchises, construction companies, landscaping businesses and regional distribution firms. And in fact, many of the most visible and important families in conservative politics have their own family firms, albeit supersized ones: the Kochs, the DeVoses, the Crows and the Trumps. ............ No longer content to run government for business, the Republican Party now hopes to run government as a business. ........... government as the fief of a small-business tyrant.

Friday, June 23, 2023

23: Imran Khan

On giving AI eyes and ears AI can listen and see, with bigger implications than we might realize. ........ Over the past seven months, AI has come to mean chatbots. All of the web interfaces of the big Large Language Models (Bard, Bing/ChatGPT, and Claude) started as chatbots, and that has shaped our popular understanding of what AI can do. It anthropomorphizes AI as “someone” you can talk with, and it makes us think that AIs can only communicate via text. ........ the multimodal capability of Bing, which uses GPT-4 in creative mode. Everyone is likely to get this feature for free in the next four weeks. And it really does radically change what AI can do. ........ What multimodal AI does is let the AI “see” images and “understand” what it is seeing. I had some fun with this by uploading a recent meme (and thus one that would not be in the training data of the AI) with a little bit of image manipulation to make sure Bing couldn’t find the image by searching for it. The AI not only accurately described the scene in the meme but read the text in the image, and even explained why the meme was funny. ............ Bing Image Creator (which uses OpenAI’s DALL-E)..... An important thing to note is that I did essentially nothing beyond the first prompt, other than feeding it its own results. The result was self-improvement, as the AI developed and refined an idea that combined visual elements, research, and a sense of style. The result is that the AI can now build and refine prototypes using vision, a large increase in capabilities. And this is just the start. As AI can observe and comment on the world around it, we will see all sorts of new uses emerge............ An often-overlooked OpenAI product is Whisper, a voice-to-text system that is very, very good ......... but I also had GPT-4 act as a real-time virtual VC, using voice recognition on the pitches and prompting it give VC-like feedback. ......... It was incredibly easy to do, and did not require any equipment or additional expense. I was able to sit in the front row of class and record the pitches directly with the ChatGPT app on my phone, it captured everything extremely well. At the end of each pitch, I just added a simple prompt: You are a seed stage venture capitalist who evaluates startup pitches. Evaluate the following pitch from that perspective and offer 4 positives and negatives, as well as what you think about the pitch overall as an investor. .......... Those results were of high quality, and the VC in the room was impressed. .......... the ability to get feedback live to verbal presentations is an exciting one with lots of teaching implications. You can now get instant feedback from any simulated individual you want to any talk you want to give. ............ Connecting AI to the internet made it much more powerful. Giving AI the tools to write and execute code made it much more powerful. And, now the capabilities to watch and listen are going to do the same. AI doesn’t just advance because of new fundamental models, like going to GPT-5, it advances when it is given the tools to operate in the real world. Jobs that require visual or audio interactions felt insulated from AI, but now they are not ............ AI will be able to play a more active role in the real world by observing and listening. The implications are likely to be profound, and we should start thinking through both the huge benefits and major concerns today. .

Power and Weirdness: How to Use Bing AI Bing AI is a huge leap over ChatGPT, but you have to learn its quirks .

It is starting to get strange. Let's talk about ChatGPT with Code Interpreter & Microsoft Copilot .

Actor Matthew McConaughey Gets Real About Christianity in Hollywood McConaughey addresses anti-Christian bias in Hollywood. .

The Reactionary Savage Lewis’s Warning to Intellectuals .

Eminem’s Gospel Collaboration With DJ Khaled Tops Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart

Dead Hangs: A Simple Move with Big Benefits

How Can ChatGPT Help Create And Implement A Social Media Influencer Program?
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Thursday, June 22, 2023


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Marc Andreessen/Lex Fridman

Avoid These 10 Common Writing Mistakes To Build Your Twitter Audience . The difference between the roaring successes and the majority dropouts? High impact writing. The ability to clearly communicate a message, in a way that builds an audience and gets them excited about becoming your customer. Learning how to write, and applying your skills to scripts, tweets, articles and newsletters is the single biggest investment you can make in your career as a creator and your personal brand. ......... Kieran Drew quit dentistry to become a writer, and now shares what he learns as he builds his creator business. With 160,000 Twitter followers (having only opened his account in August 2020) and over 20,000 subscribers to his Digital Freedom newsletter ........... “One big idea, one captivating story, one core emotion, one core benefit, one call to action.” Drew believes that “specificity is the secret.” ........... “The road to hell is paved with adverbs,” said Stephen King. .......... Avoid words such as really, quickly, rarely, and so on. If a word ends in -ly, it’s not your friend. “Use them as an opportunity to swap out for bigger and bolder language.” Your message will be stronger, less fluffy, and more memorable to readers........... To save serious headaches, see if your sentence passes “the zombie test,” which goes like this: “If you can add ‘and by zombies’ to the sentence, it’s passive. If you can’t, it’s active.” This is the difference between “The world was rocked by Kieran (and by zombies)” and “Kieran rocked the world (and by zombies).” You want the latter, and so does your audience. .............. “First draft fast, second draft slow, one week buffer.” Simple. “Leave time between your drafts, and schedule content one week ahead.” ........... The internet shows you the opposite.” Instead of trying to sound well-educated, “distil core ideas down to their simplest form.” Be clear instead of clever. It makes you easier to consume, instantly memorable, and more than pays off long term........... Add line breaks to break up your paragraphs, use snappy sentences, bullet points and white space. “The secret is to be easy on the eyes.” ......... “Cut a third from your draft before publishing. People are busy. Write like it.” Even if you think what you’ve written cannot possibly be cut down, give it a go. Keep chopping until it’s a third shorter and much punchier. You won’t even remember what you cut out. ............ Remove fluffy phrases like “I think that,” “it’s possible that,” “you could,” and “probably.” Don’t be afraid to take your stance. ........ “Don’t be the guru, be the guide”

How Can ChatGPT Help Create And Implement A Social Media Influencer Program?
How Can ChatGPT Analyze Data To Determine Which Types Of Content Generate The Most Engagement?
Image Generation
How Can ChatGPT Suggest Ways To Use Virtual Events To Engage Customers?
How Can ChatGPT Help Create And Implement A Customer Retention Strategy?

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

20: Kazakhstan

When Doctors Use a Chatbot to Improve Their Bedside Manner Despite the drawbacks of turning to artificial intelligence in medicine, some physicians find that ChatGPT improves their ability to communicate empathetically with patients. ........ On Nov. 30 last year, OpenAI released the first free version of ChatGPT. Within 72 hours, doctors were using the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. ......... Most surprising to Dr. Lee, though, was a use he had not anticipated — doctors were asking ChatGPT to help them communicate with patients in a more compassionate way. ........ In one survey, 85 percent of patients reported that a doctor’s compassion was more important than waiting time or cost. In another survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they had gone to doctors who were not compassionate. And a study of doctors’ conversations with the families of dying patients found that many were not empathetic. ............. Enter chatbots, which doctors are using to find words to break bad news and express concerns about a patient’s suffering, or to just more clearly explain medical recommendations. ..........

the help he and other doctors on his staff got from ChatGPT to communicate regularly with patients.

......... He asked his team to write a script for how to talk to these patients compassionately. “A week later, no one had done it,” he said. All he had was a text his research coordinator and a social worker on the team had put together, and “that was not a true script,” he said. So Dr. Pignone tried ChatGPT, which replied instantly with all the talking points the doctors wanted. ........... The ultimate result, which ChatGPT produced when asked to rewrite it at a fifth-grade reading level, began with a reassuring introduction ......... “Doctors are famous for using language that is hard to understand or too advanced,” he said. “It is interesting to see that even words we think are easily understandable really aren’t.” .......... The fifth-grade level script, he said, “feels more genuine.” ............ “Most doctors are pretty cognitively focused, treating the patient’s medical issues as a series of problems to be solved,” Dr. White said. As a result, he said, they may fail to pay attention to “the emotional side of what patients and families are experiencing.” .......... In long, compassionately worded answers to Dr. Moore’s prompts, the program gave him the words to explain to his friend the lack of effective treatments .......... It also suggested ways to break bad news when his friend asked if she would be able to attend an event in two years .......... for a doctor to admit to using a chatbot this way “would be admitting you don’t know how to talk to patients.” .......... It’s time-consuming to read the letters of referral and medical histories and then decide whether to grant acceptance to a patient. But when he shared that information with ChatGPT, it “was able to decide, with accuracy, within minutes, what it took doctors a month to do,” Dr. Kohane said. ............ Dr. Richard Stern, a rheumatologist in private practice in Dallas, said GPT-4 had become his constant companion, making the time he spends with patients more productive. It writes kind responses to his patients’ emails, provides compassionate replies for his staff members to use when answering questions from patients who call the office and takes over onerous paperwork. ......... It was the sort of letter that would take a few hours of Dr. Stern’s time but took ChatGPT just minutes to produce. ...... After receiving the bot’s letter, the insurer granted the request.

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