Monday, March 30, 2009

The Search Results, The Links, The Inbox, The Stream

The Search Results

I am not even that old, and I vividly remember when AltaVista was king.

The Links

They are everywhere.

The Inbox

The Inbox was not copyrighted by Hotmail.

The Stream

The Stream has not been copyrighted by Twitter, so I was perfectly cool when Facebook went ahead and imitated Twitter. Of course they can do that.

Fractals: Apple, Windows 95, Netscape, Google, Facebook, Twitter
I Talked To Google Through Twitter And It Worked Like Magic
Twitter And The Time Dimension
What Should Facebook Do
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I Get Twitter

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fractals: Apple, Windows 95, Netscape, Google, Facebook, Twitter

Fractal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A fractal is generally "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of ..."
Apple invented the PC. Microsoft invented that original rectangle: Windows 95. That was the peak year for Windows. Netscape slid in to suggest a browser is all you need. Google came to say, you don't even need a browser, you just need one site, a search engine, your gateway to all that there is online. Facebook came along to say you don't need the entire net, you just need people you know and you need to see the internet through that prism, let them filter it for you, it is too chaotic out there. Twitter came along to say people are important but not that important. All you need is bite size information, bite size communication. It is not who you know, since you can follow anyone you want. It is what you know, what you can know.

I Talked To Google Through Twitter And It Worked Like Magic
Twitter And The Time Dimension
What Should Facebook Do
TweetDeck, Power Twitter, Twitter Globe, Better Than Facebook
TCC: Twitter Community College
Twitter Tips: It's A Bird, It's A Bird
Mitch Kapor Now Following Me On Twitter
I Get Twitter

How Twitter Works In Theory

That begs the question, what might be next?

I guess you could start all over again with the mobile space, and claim, well, Apple went ahead and invented the iPhone all over again. So watch the drama unfold.

But about the big rectangle itself? What's next there?

Right now I am more interested in posing the question than attempting an answer, although I guess I could take shots, make guesses, offer vagueness. Be nebulous.

But then I personally might be more interested in stuff beyond the rectangle. The rectangle is fascinating, but not of primary professional interest to me. I am more interested in Web 3.0, or what I call Web 3.0. (Web 5.0 Is Da Bomb, Competing For the Web 3.0 Definition)

What is that journey from big, ugly mainframes to PCs to Twitter? Can it be argued that we have tried to get closer to the human dimension? And beyond? On Twitter, it can be argued we are at though process level. So it really is about people, right?

And if each human being is unique, the web is so much poorer for every human being who is not yet online.

Fractal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: A Fractals Lesson - Introduction
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
The Spanky Fractal Database
The fractal geometry of nature - Google Books Result
Fractal -- from Wolfram MathWorld
Coolmath4kids - Fractals ( Geometry )
fractalus (Fractals/Fractal Art, Contests, and Info)

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Talked To Google Through Twitter And It Worked Like Magic

SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 10:  Twitter co-founder ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Twitter And The Time Dimension
What Should Facebook Do
TweetDeck, Power Twitter, Twitter Globe, Better Than Facebook
TCC: Twitter Community College
Twitter Tips: It's A Bird, It's A Bird
Mitch Kapor Now Following Me On Twitter
I Get Twitter

I moved to New York City to work on my tech startup, but got distracted for a few years by some urgent political work for Nepal, best work I ever did so far: the king of the country had pulled a coup, now we are a republic. Obama 2008 furthered the distraction, kind of.

But Nepal does not go away, Obama does not go away. 75% of the work on Nepal is done, 25% remains, only Nepal does not have to be my sole preoccupation no more. So recently I got into a little online discussion at a private online group. In the course of making my moves I went to check out my Nepal mailing list, the largest in the world. I hit a message that said the mailing list had been removed by Google. I panicked. There was no way for me to contact Google Groups directly.

So I wrote to Google directly on Twitter. And it worked like magic. My mailing list is back. It deserves to be. It played a key role in Nepal's democracy and social justice movements.

Thank you, Twitter.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cisco Unified Computing System: To Tidy Up Data Centers

Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior: "We're going to compete with HP. I don't want to sugarcoat that."
Looks like Cisco wants to do to data centers what Apple did to cellphones with its iPhone.

In this tight economy it is but natural that once partners will elbow into each other's space. But that is the cynical view to take. This is a story in innovation. As to how it will play out, we will have to wait and watch.

Tech companies like Amazon and Oracle have swam upstream in this dire economy. And now Cisco has come up with a major announcement. This will boost the morale of the larger economy. Otherwise it feels like there is bad news on every page of the newspaper.

In The News

Cisco's Unified Computing System Products Unavailable Through ... ChannelWeb
Cisco's Unified Computing Vision - Is It Too Much Cisco? InformationWeek
Cisco's Unified Computing system
Cisco's Unified Computing System stirs competition, old and new Search Networking
One Cisco Unified Computing System beats 15 coal-fired energy plants ZDNet A single Cisco chassis can hold as many as eight blade servers. A “networking fabric extender” can tie together 40 such chassis, bringing 320 servers under the control and supervision of Cisco’s Unified Computing System Manager software. ...... Every second, Web users view 1,200 videos on YouTube, share 11,000 songs and send 2,000,000 emails. This plus the equivalent of 3,000,000 trees turned into paper and printed can fit in the system memory of one Cisco Unified Computing System. ........ All 138,893,908 Individual Tax returns filed last year in the United States could be stored in the memory of one Cisco Unified Computing System. ....... It takes only 40% of the Cisco UCS’s system resources to host all of the US Wikipedia. ...... The amount of obsolete cabling and support infrastructure that could be eliminated equates to 3,007 miles of legacy servers and infrastructure, when set side by side. ......... 31,103,864,053 Kilowatt hours per year saved, by unifying aging traditional servers and supporting infrastructure. .......

This could:

  • Double the available electricity in the ten poorest countries worldwide increasing education, healthcare, and overall standard of living.
  • Equal the energy output of more than 15 U.S. coal-fired electric plants and 35 million tons of C02.
  • Almost equal the entire amount of wind energy produced in U.S.

Cisco Systems, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

Is Cisco really going to take on Apple? Not quite.

ZDNet - ‎Mar 20, 2009‎
Cisco’s acquisition of Pure Digital, maker of the Flip camcorder, has sparked a lot of discussion about the networking giant’s intentions. ...

Cisco Needs BMC To Supply Unified Virtual Management

InformationWeek - ‎Mar 19, 2009‎
At stake is Cisco's blade server, which will combine converged network components, then link to virtualized network and store resources under a single ...

Cisco, Red Hat to bring unified computing system to Malaysia - ‎Mar 20, 2009‎
"UCS will result in a unified architecture tantamount to next generation data centres: data centre 3.0," said Cisco Malaysia managing director Anne Abraham. ...

Cisco's consumer electronics dream

CNET News - ‎Mar 20, 2009‎
by Marguerite Reardon If you haven't noticed, Cisco Systems, whose products have been used to build the Internet for 20 years, has spent the past 6 years ...

BusinessWeek’s Burrows: Cisco to battle Apple? Not likely

MacDailyNews - ‎12 hours ago‎
"Put me down as a skeptic regarding Cisco’s acquisition yesterday of Pure Digital, the maker of Flip video recorders. In fact, my first thought wasn’t ...

Home IBM Why Is IBM, Not Cisco, Buying Sun?

eWeek - ‎Mar 18, 2009‎
Cisco Systems, with its ambitions for dominance in the data center, seems like a much better suitor for Sun. Commenting on a pending acquisition is like ...
Video: Money Minute: IBM, AIG, Compensation

Cisco Israel head resigns

Ha'aretz - ‎2 hours ago‎
By Amitai Ziv Bina Rezinovsky, the general manager of Cisco Israel, announced her resignation at the end of last week. Rezinovsky, 41, has managed Cisco's ...

Laid-Off Janitors Protest At Cisco Headquarters

CBS 5 - ‎Mar 19, 2009‎
Read more in our Privacy Policy At least 200 people gathered outside Cisco Systems headquarters in San Jose on Thursday to protest the layoffs of about 75 ...
Fisher: Taking back the economy San Jose Mercury News

Around the Web 3.19.09: Cisco now makes servers, IE8 comes out ...

Los Angeles Times - ‎Mar 19, 2009‎
Personal Technology -- Cisco Systems released its server computer -- an affront on companies for which it usually provides software. ...

Citigroup, FedEx, Alcoa, Cisco among big movers

The Associated Press - ‎Mar 19, 2009‎
NASDAQ Cisco Systems Inc., down 27 cents at $16.23 The computer networking gear maker will buy Pure Digital, maker of the popular Flip Video camcorder, ...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NYTM 03/09/09: Fashion Institute of Technology

27th St & 7th Ave
btw 7th & 8th Ave
New York, NY 10001

March 9, 2009

- FourSquare
- KindlingApp Your org's democratic suggestion box. Ideas + Collaboration + Voting = Progress!
- : A website dedicated to collecting and sharing things you enjoy.
- the 3 you vote in
- and Prof. Panos Ipeirotis from NYU talking about the EconoMining project.

ooVoo - an incredibly easy way to have free, high-resolution, face-to-face video chats with up to 6
SpeakLike -- lets you email and chat with people who speak other languages.
Tigerbow - Tigerbow lets people send actual gifts to virtual places.
ProCompare - Business Technology Recommendations, powered by a global community of IT professionals

This was a new venue for the New York Tech MeetUp. The Diller building was razzmatazz. But this was a bigger venue, a better location, and nobody was pushing you out of the building as soon as the show was over. I paid cash so I had to wait. They did let me in right before the beginning, after having processed all those who paid online.

The presentations were great. The stage was great. Nate did a great job of hosting. Although I think he should say no to all announcement requests like Scott had decided to. Later I told him one one one, Nate, you are a public figure, one of the most important skills you will learn is to say no. He said, but if I were to say no to you you'd think I am a dick. I said you already said no to me, and I respected you for that. That was in reference to a funding advice I sought from him over email.

The presentations were great, but the mingling right after was greater, and the after party after that was the greatest. Thanks Alicia for buying me a drink, and thanks for the tip to go to the Sloan group on LinkedIn to try and get a MBA person. I shot out a few quick emails once back home.

Oh, hi there Stan.

I went from booth to booth afterwards and did the tech version of nice pin, nice tie. Met the guy who organized the Shorty Awards. That is for Twitter, for those of you who don't know. They just did the first one, now they will do it every year.

Most presentations tend to be dot coms seeking to add value in the online space. Some are going for ads, others are seeking to charge users for use. There were some remarkable applications on show.

Bloomberg To Help Ex-Wall Street Execs Start New Firms by Wall ...
Technorati: Discussion about “Bloomberg Announces $2 Million Fund...

- foursquare
- KindlingApp
- SpeakLike
- Tigerbow
- ProCompare
- and Prof. Panos Ipeirotis from NYU talking about the EconoMining project.

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