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The PC market is not as sexy as it used to be, both on the hardware and the software end. A Windows release does not carry the same excitement. Many of the Office products can be had for free online these days. If there is no large scale migration yet, the online products still need polishing up, and businesses are reluctant to let go. And there is sheer inertia. And like a Microsoft top dog said recently, you can't do video editing online. There are things that will stay on the PC, no matter how fast your internet connection. I doubt that claim will hold at substantially higher speeds though.

The hardware has also been sluggish. It has become a mature industry. Dell is not the razmatazz name it used to be.

There is only so much innovation and inundation possible within a set paradigm. Like Larry Ellison once said, the software industry will morph into something akin to what the utility companies are like today.

It is not exactly a dud, to be sure. Things are still happening. We will still see mini-waves, like the iPod wave. You tweak and twan and create a lifestyle.

And there is this vast ocean of humanity to speak of that is still not connected, that huge no-PC world to be harnessed. It will be innovation enough to find ways to get them into the casting net, not all of it technological.

So what is the next big thing? It is not Windows, for sure. I mean, with Windows, they keep adding bells and whistles that can be had online for free. They play a little with the graphics.

Google's innovations are not of the PC era. Google is a whole new cloud.

I keep thinking, since Google can not do everything, it needs to license out its ad mechanism so other startups can use the same model to provide other services to consumers, like free PCs and free wireless broadband and stuff.

On The Web

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Predictions for PC Makers hardware vendors are trying to offset the negative impact on profits by offering services, servers, and storage that carry wider margins .... all the PC vendors are competing on price, due to the highly commoditized nature of the mature PC industry. .... computer makers are trying to get the PC to be like your TV -- just plug it in and go.

Predictions for PC Makers
Lenovo Sees Itself as Top PC Maker in Five Years PC Magazine ... Top Chinese personal computer maker Lenovo Group will start to sell its namesake personal computers outside China in the first quarter of next year as part of its long-term plan to build the world's leading PC brand ..... its $1.25 billion acquisition of International Business Machines Corp.'s PC unit. ..... The acquisition has made it the third-biggest global PC vendor behind Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. ..... The company spends 1.5 percent of its revenue on research, about twice the standard rate for the industry. It has plans to set up research centers in North Carolina and Beijing. ...... Emerging markets in India, China, and Brazil will be major growth areas. ..... Cross-borders mergers are notoriously difficult to carry out. The Lenovo-IBM deal is particularly challenging because the drastic difference between East and West cultures. ...... During early meetings, Western managers were very engaged in the discussion while people from China were generally quiet. When they speak, they tend to ponder, sometimes resulting in five-second pauses. .... "We are teaching our Western colleagues to be comfortable with silence in a conversation and Chinese colleagues to be 'rude"
Dell: Two Top PC Makers Will Die This Year Dell grew more than 40 percent in the fourth quarter, year-on-year, compared with an average of only 9.2 percent for the entire industry.
HP back on top of PC market | CNET January 14, 2004 .... Hewlett-Packard overtook Dell to become the world's largest PC maker in the fourth quarter in a market that is both growing and growing more difficult. ..... In 2000, 140.2 million PCs left factories and accounted for an estimated $226 billion in value ...... In 2003, a record 152.6 million PCs were shipped ...... Dell doesn't sell many PCs through retail stores and typically gives up some ground to competitors during the last three months of the year as a result. ..... HP and Dell have traded off the lead a number of times since HP completed its merger with Compaq in spring 2002. ..... eMachines jumped into the top five manufacturers in the United States, according to Kay, passing both Gateway and Apple Computer ..... Shipments in Japan slowed to single digits after the passage of a recycling law.
Dell expands lead in still-growing PC market | CNET
Slashdot | HP Regains Throne as Top PC Maker
PC World - Software, Hardware, Electronics & Gadgets Reviews ...
Apple enters top 5 US PC makers - Mac - Macworld UK
PC Pro: News: The UK's top PC makers revealed - and much more
HP passes Dell as top PC maker - Systems & Components -

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Fusion lost on many Oracle users IT Week
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Wipro Infotech wins outsourcing contract from Dena Bank
Wipro on track for 7% revenue boost
Gulf News
Wipro Makes It To FinTech Top 25
Walking in a Walmart Wonderland
Washington College Elm
Circuit City to sell $100 Compaq laptop on Black Friday engadget If you agree to get a Vonage subscription for a year and can handle the assorted rebates, then this lappy is yours for a Benjamin. ..... a Celeron M 420 CPU, 15-inch screen, DVD and CD burner, 512MB RAM and a 60GB hard drive. .... but we'll wait until the price drops that low organically, sans rebates and subscription plans, thanks.
Sun Microsystems open up java to the world. Kenya London News

Microsoft ushers in the dawn of Vista CNet he said Office can be better adapted for Internet-connected mobile devices. And the next version of Windows should aid software developers in creating applications that run on machines with several processing "cores" on a chip. ..... The next Windows should also include features for "state separation," where individual applications are separated in terms of execution and settings ...... installing applications from a CD-ROM is a practice that should be replaced by Web-delivered software. .... "The biggest thing that Vista can do is provide a safe environment for interaction on the Web" ....... people will rely on their PC to edit media files and then post them onto the Web. ...... "What the PC is good at, the Web doesn't have as its core strength, such as really fast UI (user interface) regardless of the connection speed and reliability"
Web 2.0: Looking out for No. 1
Google accidentally sends out e-mail worm
Microsoft's Ozzie: Vista, Office adjusting to Web
AOL says portals are passe a provider of real-time information to the financial services industry ..... AOL was interested in acquiring YouTube ..... AOL's decision to get out of the Internet access business ....... "On-demand video over IP (Internet Protocol) will be the...biggest form of (video) viewing in single digit years"
Ning brings social networking to the masses we give you your own video site like YouTube, or social-networking site like MySpace ..... the site is fully programmable by developers
DirecTV service recommends personalized programming
Mozilla fixes 'critical' flaws
Wal-Mart kicks off holiday season with $398 laptop "We're probably going to see a $199 notebook on Black Friday"
Sub-$30 video cell phones on the way, says TI In the future, it will be a whole lot easier to post videos to YouTube from places like Ghana...... sub-$20 phones will come out in the relatively near future ..... In Mali, radio stations have set up e-mail services that can rapidly send messages between villages and news agencies. ..... 400 million of the billion-plus people in China are current cell phone owners ...... "In many cases, it (a cheap cell phone) will be the first time they connect to the network."
Sundance puts cell phones in the spotlight
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Visual search for better online shopping Technology Review Each image is broken down into 10,000 numbers that represent more than 30 features of the item--for example, the full spectrum of colors that appear in a handbag, its lumps and curves, and the glossiness of its exterior.
China's satellite navigation plans threaten Galileo New Scientist a 35-satellite constellation .... it would be available free to all Chinese citizens and to other countries whose governments strike a deal to use the signal in satellite navigation devices. ..... Galileo, the US-run Global Positioning System, and Beidou ...... China's behaviour towards Europe is not so different to how Europe behaved with us when GPS was the only game in town a decade ago
Cell phones still mostly for talking Verizon is in talks with YouTube to bring user-submitted videos from the Web service to Verizon's wireless customers ...... But do people want to watch? ...... to make up for declining revenue from simple voice services ..... Consumers tend to want to watch video on the biggest screen possible. But it's hard to meet that expectation when, at the same time, consumers have been demanding smaller and lighter handsets.

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Carly Fiorina: The Academy Awards Of Business: Photos

Carly Fiorina: "The Academy Awards Of Business"

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Carly Fiorina: "The Academy Awards Of Business"

Carly Fiorina: "The Academy Awards Of Business"

For Immediate Release Contact: Alanna Zahn 212-219-7735

Executive Council of New York to Ring the NASDAQ Stock Market ...
2006 Ten Awards, Executive Council of New York
Executive Council of New York Announces 2006 Ten Awards Finalists

2006 Ten Awards, Executive Council of New York

Hundreds of influential business leaders to gather to honor industry innovators
Cushman & Wakefield gala corporate host sponsor

Cushman & Wakefield - Global real estate solutions

New York, NY, October 17, 2006 – The Executive Council of New York, the premier business forum for networking and leadership education, today announced the finalists for the New York Ten Awards™, an annual selection of ten companies and individuals in the greater New York business community that display extraordinary innovation and leadership in their industry and beyond.

The award winners will be formally announced at the Ten Awards Gala to be held on November 6, 2006 at Cipriani Wall Street, produced again by Empire Entertainment, Inc. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and author of the new book, Tough Choices, will deliver the keynote remarks. Liz Claman, co-anchor of CNBC’s Morning Call and author of the upcoming book, The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received, will serve as Master of Ceremonies. Cushman & Wakefield will serve as host sponsor of the gala, with 2004 Ten Award winner and Cushman & Wakefield President & CEO Bruce Mosler introducing Ms. Fiorina.

Cipriani :: Wall Street
Empire Entertainment - a dynamic, full-service event production ...
Carly Fiorina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Former Executive Bios: Carleton S. Fiorina
HP Press Release: HP Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina Steps Down
HP's Carly Fiorina: The Boss
Carly Fiorina forced out at HP - Feb. 10, 2005
Carly Fiorina | Tough Choices
The Rise & Fall Of Carly Fiorina - CBS News
Image results for Liz Claman
Liz Claman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rockefeller Group Profile — Bruce Mosler

“This year’s Ten Awards finalists represent a cross section of luminaries who are driving business innovation and notably shaping the New York business environment,” said Robert Johnston, president of the Executive Council of New York. “We are proud to recognize their exceptional contributions and our vision is that by following their example, leadership and inspiration will continue to be the cornerstone of the New York business community.”

The 2006 Ten Awards Finalists include:

CEO of the Year:
James Cayne, Bear Stearns
Andrea Jung, Avon
Jonathan Tisch, Loews Hotels

James Cayne Profile -
James E Cayne, CEO of Bear Stearns Cos (BSC), Earns $26.3 mil
Bear Stearns
FORTUNE 500 2006: Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avon Investors: Executive Team - Andrea Jung
Andrea Jung 1/3 | Asian American Wonder Women | GoldSea
Andrea Jung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Profile: Jonathan Tisch - Feature - Tufts University
Jonathan Tisch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CFO of the Year:
Dinyar Devitre, Altria Group
Wayne Pace, Time Warner
David Turner, Thomson Financial

Altria - About Altria - Our Management - Dinyar S. Devitre
Altria Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Time Warner: Wayne H. Pace
Internet Outsider: Another "Doh!" Award: Time Warner's Wayne Pace
Wayne Pace cleared of being 'Sugar Daddy' by ... Time Warner ...
David Turner — Deb Turner : ZoomInfo Business People Information

CIO of the Year:
Jack Nelson, Mount Sinai Medical Center
Susan O’Day, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Steven Peltzman, Museum of Modern Art

Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City
Bristol-Myers Squibb - Home
Bristol-Myers Squibb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Modern Art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marketer of the Year:
John Hayes, American Express
Dave Burwick, Pepsi-Cola
Simon Doonan, Barney’s New York

Experience Manifesto: Amex's John Hayes discusses brand marketing
Conversations with Cause Marketers John Hayes, Chief Marketing ... - American Express sticks with tradition of celebrity ...
Pepsi-Cola North America Promotes Cie Nicholson to SVP and Chief ...
Dave Burwick: ZoomInfo Business People Information
Simon Says: Shopping Barneys New York Co-op with Simon Doonan ...
Barnes & - Books: Nasty, by Simon Doonan, Hardcover

Dealmaker of the Year:
Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital Partners
Jonathan Gray, Blackstone Group
Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Harbinger Capital Partners Investment Team of Harbert Management ...
[PDF] MeriStar Hospitality Agrees to be Acquired by The Blackstone Group
WEDDINGS; Mindy Basser, Jonathan D. Gray - New York Times
Jonathan Gray — Katharine Gray : ZoomInfo Business People Information
Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on ...
John Battelle's Searchblog: Union Square Ventures
Union Square Ventures funds OKcupid ??? « The Paradigm Shift

Innovator of the Year:
Jason Finger, SeamlessWeb
William Glaser, Sony
Tom Sanzone, Credit Suisse

Q&A with Jason Finger, CEO, Seamless Web
SeamlessWeb In The News
Can Glaser and Jobs find harmony? | Newsmakers | CNET
Finextra: Credit Suisse poaches Citi's Tom Sanzone as new CIO
CS - Thomas J. Sanzone
Wall Street & Technology : Credit Suisse Has a Plan to Integrate ...
Thomas Sanzone Profile -

Best Non-Profit:
Michael Drapkin, The Brevard Conference on Music Entrepreneurship
Dr. Deborah Kenny, Village Academies Network
Ami Nahshon, The Abraham Fund Initiatives

Michael Drapkin - Music
Village Academies
The Abraham Fund Initiatives::Press Clips
j. - Ami Nahshon to work on Arab-Jewish coexistence Goodbye to Bay ...

Best Up and Comer:
Jonathan Axelrod, MusicGremlin, age 32
Jared Kushner, New York Observer, age 25
Shoba Purushothaman, The Newsmarket, age 39

Jonathan Axelrod and Robert Khedouri, Co-founders, MusicGremlin
Wi-Fi MP3 Player: Music Gremlin at Sanjay’s Blog
Developer’s Son Acquires The New York Observer - New York Times
New York Observer - Gawker
Q&A With New Observer Owner Jared Kushner -- New York Magazine
Observer’ Owner Jared Kushner Likes the Mets, Really Likes ...
New York Observer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jared Kushner - I Want Media
The NewsMarket: Help Center
Venture Voice: VV Show #29 - Shoba Purushothaman of The NewsMarket
Center for Women and Enterprise - Shoba Purushothaman, The NewsMarket
Honorable Mention: Shoba Purushothaman
Shoba Purushothaman - The Media Center @ API
Odeo: VV Show #29 - Shoba Purushothaman of The NewsMarket
PodcastDirectory | Episode: VV Show #29 - Shoba Purushothaman of ...

Best New Product or Service:
David Rose, Angelsoft LLC
Times Select, The New York Times Company
Are Traasdahl, ThumbPlay

David Rose — Denise Rose : ZoomInfo Business People Information
Angelsoft | Company | Management
The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
Times Select - New York Times
RED HERRING | Mobile Content Startup Gets $10M
Thumbplay Announces $15 Million in New Funding - 2006-10-31 08:26 ...
About Thumbplay - Press Releases
Thumbplay Launches Industry-Leading Ringtone Trend Tracker; Ne-Yo ...

Best Executive Team:
Tim Armstrong, Penry Price and Craig Nevill-Manning, Google NY
Executive Team, 24/7 Real Media
Martha Stewart and Susan Lyne, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

What's Next in Paid Search: Google's Tim Armstrong Speaks
Tim Armstrong, Google Inc. VP of Advertising Sales, Named to ...
Google Pretties Up for Madison Avenue
Ad-Sales Vet Penry Price Joins Google
Google Hires Former 'Time' Pres to Woo Mad Ave · MarketingVOX
Google enters the Big Apple
[talks] Craig Nevill-Manning, Google, tomorrow
Craig Nevill-Manning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Craig Nevill-Manning - University of Waikato
24/7 Real Media
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Q3 2006 Earnings Call Transcript ...
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Martha Stewart Living - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Martha Stewart Living loss narrows as ad revenues spike - MarketWatch
Susan Lyne Named President and CEO of Martha Stewart Living
Entertainment Weekly's | All About Susan Lyne
BW Online | May 9, 2003 | ABC's Susan Lyne Talks TV Strategy

The Ten Awards finalists were drawn from open nominations submitted to the Executive Council of New York. Hundreds of nominations were screened and evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of prominent journalists from New York-based local and national business media outlets, and evaluated based on the individual’s contributions to his or her organization’s objectives and leadership; the organization’s impact on business innovation, both in New York and nationally; and the individual’s industry leadership beyond his or her organization.

Previous Ten Awards winners have included: Barry Sternlicht, CEO, Starwood Hotels; David Neeleman, CEO, JetBlue Airways; Jim McCann, CEO, 1800Flowers; Donna Iucolano, President, e-Scholastic; Sallie Krawcheck, CEO, Smith Barney (now CFO, Citigroup); Alan Patricof, Chairman, Apax Partners; Gordon Crovitz, President, Dow Jones; Shelby Bonnie, CEO, CNET Networks; Hossein Eslambolchi, President, AT&T Labs; Kumar Mahadeva, CEO, Cognizant; Martin Nisenholtz, CEO, New York Times Digital; Bruce Mosler, CEO, Cushman & Wakefield; Kevin Ryan, CEO, DoubleClick; Adam Moss, Editor in Chief, New York Magazine; Tim and Nina Zagat, Co-chairs, Zagat Survey.

For more information on the Ten Awards and the Executive Council of New York, please visit

About The Executive Council:
The Executive Council is New York’s premier business forum for senior executives, their advisors and capital markets professionals. Through its member base of 3,500 New York metro business leaders, the organization has built a reputation for highly acclaimed conferences, executive education programs and member-hosted gatherings that focus on critical business and leadership issues at the forefront of corporate America today. The Executive Council Corporate Members range from American Express, IBM and Microsoft to Sprint, Cushman & Wakefield, and McKinsey & Co. as well as many other large and emerging growth companies.


I will put you on the list to attend the Ten Awards on Monday,
November 6. Below is a media advisory with details. Press release
is attached.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Look forward to
meeting you on Monday.


Alanna Zahn
The Azure Group
560 Broadway
Suite 202
New York, NY 10012
t: 212.219.7735
c: 917.699.6425

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