Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Say No

Fred Wilson has an interesting guest blog post up.

MBA Mondays: Guest Post From Angela Baldonero
the biggest shift that we made was when we decided to stop trying to be like every other company and to instead actively resist changes that would not make sense for us. We started saying no, regularly and forcefully, to policies, systems and procedures that many companies adopt as they grow..... We don’t tolerate brilliant assholes. ...... we have unlimited vacation and sick time. We have a common sense expense reimbursement philosophy (“spend the money as if it was your own”). ..... we value transparency which means we share the good, the bad and the ugly openly (and often). Our commitment to transparency was dramatically tested when we decided to spin off part of the business and needed to decide if we should alert staff ahead of a formal sale. We did what most companies wouldn’t – we told the staff ..... I’ve seen too many executive teams where personal relationships and politics are the real business drivers behind-the-scenes. Business is done over cocktails, after hours and not in broad daylight. Personal agendas trump team goals. People smile and nod politely in meetings, then leave the meeting and corner the CEO to say what they “really think.” ..... set your people free to focus on important, high impact work and solve challenging business problems
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