Sunday, July 29, 2012

HTML5 Richness

English: W3C HTML5 Badge in SVG.
English: W3C HTML5 Badge in SVG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For the longest time it has been that the richness on the desktop has far surpassed the richness possible in the browser. That is about to reverse with HTML5.

Ninja power: open-source HTML5 toolset aims to enable richer Web apps
Three new open-source software projects developed at Motorola Mobility .... a new content creation tool called Ninja, a JavaScript development framework called Montage, and a testing automation tool called Screening ..... The Ninja authoring tool .. 3D scenes and vector graphics ... Montage bridges the gap between developing native applications and Web sites. .. Screening completes the toolset, providing an interface for creating, editing, and manipulating application test scripts. Screening is built with Montage for the front end and NodeJS for the server, and it integrates with WebDriver implementations for Chrome, Opera, FireFox, and Internet Explorer to script the browser. .... Ninja creates all the required HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (if necessary) to render the content you create
The article talks at length and into great technical detail. It has been written by the very people who came up with the technologies being talked about.

Looks like Motorola is not strong only in hardware. It seems to have a deep bench when it comes to software as well. This work might as well have been done at Google. It is so at the edge.

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