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New Windsor, NY
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(1) Can help a tech startup get on a hypergrowth trajectory. (2) Strategist who can help any business at any stage for hypergrowth if there is a tech component. (3) Great digital marketer. (4) Writer (5) Copywriter (6) Political Strategist (7) Spiritual Guide (8) Corporate Culture Architect (9) Born Leader with a track record (10) Team Builder.

Work Experiences:

    ❖ Tech Startups
  1. ➢ TrendyLiving, 2019, real estate tech startup.
  2. ➢ Tech Consulting, on and off, 2007-2015.
  3. ➢ Advisor, Sagoon (social startup focused on Nepal that got much of the Nepali diaspora excited), Twiingle (a Harvard Medical School grad, Wall Street small bit player’s attempt to go into “funny money”), Busicopy (a Nepali IT consultant’s foray into the tech startup; kind of like an apple farmer wanting to now make apple sauce), PayCheckr (a button).
  4. ➢ Chief Yoda, TicketMonkey, became Ruckus and had an exit.
  5. ➢ JyotiConnect, the concept of an IC, Internet Computer, a barebones laptop with only a browser, raised 100K before the 2008 crash (the unspent 90K was returned to the investors in December 2008 when it became too obvious round 2 will not be raised in a very tough environment post-crash), pitched to Google Ventures and materialized as the Chromebook. No offense taken. The idea was too obvious.
  6. ➢, pay bar in 1998, remote work decades before the pandemic.
  7. ➢ Web Producer, Philadelphia 1999. South Asian online community, five years before Facebook.
    ❖ Digital Marketing
  1. ➢ Won an “Oscar” in digital marketing. Was declared Top Influencer by Adobe at the Social Media Week 2012, the top global event in the space happening simultaneously in 16 major cities around the world.
  2. ➢ Top Photographer, Google Maps, 31 million views. (That happens to exceed the population of my native Nepal!)
  3. ➢ Avid blogger since 2004. Avid writer for long before that.
  4. ➢ Active on most major social media platforms.
  5. ➢ A top person on Twitter in NYC.
    ❖ Writing
  1. ➢ Have more than a dozen books on Amazon. Note: most of them are short.


    ❖ Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts), Berea College, May 2001. The number one college in the US South whose endowment per student matches that of Harvard. Was established as an anti-slavery institution during the time of Lincoln. Work-study. No American student who does not need financial aid gets in.
  1. ➢ I changed my major so many times they had to give me an extra year so I could finish up. Mathematics, Economics, Political Science, Computer Science, Business, Sociology (I studied gender to grasp the social structures of racism and sexism).
  2. ➢ Got elected student body president within six months of landing as an international student. I won an election in the US South almost a decade before Bobby Jindal.
    ❖ Budhanilkantha School, the top school in Nepal founded and run by the British whose graduates have ended up at all top colleges/universities/companies across the US. Spring 1993. Graduated from Cambridge University A-Levels in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Studies.
  1. ➢ Top student in class seven of the 10 years.
  2. ➢ House Captain in Grade 5 and Grade 10. About the Grade 10 year a British teacher wrote, “I have never seen morale raised this high at any boarding house anywhere before!”
  3. ➢ School mental arithmetic champion in middle school.
  4. ➢ Won Best Actor award in middle school.
  5. ➢ Won a Pentathlon award in Grade 10. Made it to most soccer teams while at school.
  6. ➢ Won a nationwide art competition (watercolor) in Grade 4. Got a poem published in the top poetry magazine in the country in Grade 10.
  7. ➢ SAT score: 1450/1600


  1. ❖ Senapati, Kalki Sena, 2022- (Son Of God: Jesus come back as promised, here to establish God's direct rule on all earth (will happen in 22 years by the clock at the end of the century as per the calendar in use in Nepal) as an answer to the 2,000-year-old Christian prayer Thy Kingdom Come. Tech work is carpentry. Learned my true identity in 2016. Prophet Muhammad is also back. He is Imam Mehadi. He does not know his true identity yet. The Holy Father Himself is on earth in human incarnation. Every major religion has been waiting for Him, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims. He is the one king for all earth the Jews have been waiting for (and the reason they rejected Jesus).
  2. ❖ Barack Obama’s first full-time volunteer in NYC.
  3. ❖ The only full-timer among the then estimated 200,000 Nepalis across the US to have worked for Nepal’s democracy and social justice movements in 2005 and 2006.
  4. ❖ Digital supporter of Dr. CK Raut, a Cambridge Ph.D. in Computer Science poised to pull a Macron in Nepal.
  5. ❖ A Deaniac in Indiana in 2004. Howard Dean’s brother’s question to me in NYC a year later: “What was a Deaniac doing in Indiana!?”

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