Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Half Of India In The Dark

electrical sunset grid
electrical sunset grid (Photo credit: soonerpa)
Time to work to commercialize Nepal's 43,000 MW hydroelectric potential.

Something like this happening in the US would have been a terrorist attack.

The unofficial power grid is like the Indian economy's informal sector. It is kind of important.

Power Failures Hit Half of India
About 600 million people lost power in India on Tuesday when the country’s northern and eastern electricity grids failed, crippling the country for a second consecutive day. .... The outage stopped hundreds of trains in their tracks, darkened traffic lights, shuttered the Delhi Metro and left nearly everyone — the police, water utilities, private businesses and citizens — without electricity. .... an unofficial power grid in the form of huge numbers of backup diesel generators and other private power sources..... The failure happened without warning just after 1 p.m. ..... supply and demand may not explain away this week’s grid failures .... state governments which were overdrawing power. .... “We have one of the most robust, smart grids operating” in the world .... “We had never anticipated such a thing” ..... over 26,000 megawatts of power stations are idle due to the nonavailability of coal
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