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Simple Changes Doubled My Adsense Revenue
the 336 x 280 Large Rectangle is the most effective Adsense unit. It typically offers four ads and they are likely to be very related to the topic based on the position between the post title and body ..... Placing your Adsense unit above the fold is imperative for success. This makes sense to me for one reason. ..... The concept is really simple; make one large, well positioned ad do all the work. This will make your page look cleaner and it’s likely to improve your revenue immediately.
Split Testing: How To Increase Your Adsense Earnings 94% Overnight
Maybe the left aligned ad looks more like it’s actual content instead of an ad. .... the text ads were paying more per click. .... Winner: text ads
Improving your Adsense Revenue – An In Depth Guide
In the last year, over half of the Adsense income I have received has not come from new ads or new traffic, it has been from tweaking my current ad placements. ..... Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, but it doesn’t mean they are actually doing it...... The difference between making more money and not making more money is actually doing things. ..... Until you try both, you do not know what works best for your particular webpage. ..... Each webpage is different, some will do well with image ads, some will do well with text ads, some will do about the same. .... wider ad formats tend to outperform their taller counterparts, due to their reader-friendly format ...... bigger ads provide bigger results, but I have also found that sticking a big ad in a small place where it looks weird does not do well. ..... Ads above the fold tend to work well ..... Ads within the content tend to work well. ...... Above the fold did best as did ads within the content. ..... I think most people can probably increase their income significantly by just optimizing, even if they are having the same traffic levels. ...... Adsense for search, also known as Google custom search. It is the Adsense product that has made me the most money. It is not well understood and not widely used. When it is used, it is not used well. ..... The click through rate of Adsense for search is very often around 25 percent...... If there is one Adsense tool I recommend over all others, it is Adsense for search. ...... create a custom search engine that searched all the great resources you know of, and not include all the crappy ones.
AdSense tips
Find your keywords .... Improve your keywords
7 AdSense Tricks that Will Increase Your Income
You can use to find high-paying keywords related to your niche. It will help you to display ads with high CPC. Therefore, you will get higher commission when people click on your ads. Finding high-paying keywords is important if you want to boost your AdSense revenue.
Google Custom Search with Adsense for Blogger or WordPress Blogs
[I have seen Adsense Search performing much better (in terms of CTR and revenue) after switching from the standand Adsense for Search to the more customizable Google Custom Search.]
How To Monetize Adsense For Search On Your Blog
Adsense for Search is another brilliant way to earn money from your Google Adsense Account. It’s implemented by putting an individually-coded search panel to your blog.
Top 9 Google AdSense Alternatives
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