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18: Justin

As economies collapse, Western loans simply won’t get repaid, and poor nations will crash out of the dollar system that props up Western lifestyles. Then, even Americans won’t be able to money-print their way out of trouble. It’s already begun. Sri Lanka has started settling loans in Indian rupees, and India is buying Russian oil in rubles. China may buy Saudi oil with yuan. .

Friday, August 12, 2022

12: Ukraine

The Billion Dollar Creator
General Patreus

Ben Horowitz explained you must first understand how Silicon Valley is run, and that is by a very specific protocol. There are kings (notable investors), king makers/fool makers (influential media), connectors (hyper networked individuals), and actors (founders) that revolve around the deals. Silicon Valley runs on the perception of those inside those deals and those on the outside looking in. If you are not properly situated somewhere in the ecosystem, then your company will not get funded or you will not get access to a hot deal that is being funded that you would like access to as an investor. ...........

the valley is not unlike DC

......... Ben invested in my company AgLocal in 2011, I did not know him previously to pitching him, I barely knew my head from my ass as an entrepreneur, I had no track record as an entrepreneur, I was not from the valley and did not attend any Ivy or MIT so I had no network, and there was nothing inherent or obviously valuable that I could offer to Ben. However, and this is important to note, Ben looked past all of that and decided to take me on as a mentee and subsequently helped me raise a seed for my company also. ............. the networks that run silicon valley. Networks equal access to jobs, funds, and deal flow, and the networks that run silicon valley are Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Google, HP, Ebay, Facebook, Apple, and PayPal.

20 Rules for rookies raising a round Understand that it will be a pretty intense process that will require more meetings than you’d like and more emails than you’d like. This is not going to be different for anyone. Raising a round is a full time job in and of itself. ........ Raise early to spend cash on making cash. ........ When you do approach don’t ask initially for money. Ask for advice. The old adage is, ask for money you’ll get advice, ask for advice and you’ll get money. ........

Investing is social science

........ If someone doesn’t understand your business. That is your fault and not theirs. Make your deck simple, because it will likely be in front of more people than you will. You should model your deck after the simplicity of a children’s story book. Very little words, very obvious plan to win, very beautiful and enjoyable to read. It should be able to talk for you in the case that you aren’t there to explain your business. Trust me me, it will be sent around and in the race against time, can save your energy by rounding up investors for you that have seen it. ............... If an investor hasn’t committed firmly to investing if a stated criteria is met then do not go on wild goose chases and hours of homework, only to be told they need you to do more once that assignment is done. ........ If you can’t get a fast yes, get the next best thing, a fast no (this is a game of time, and attrition) .......... The worst thing you can do is spin your wheels talking to investors that don’t invest in your space, stage, or are overdrawn and can no longer do your deal. ........... Do not take a no personally. Some may find your idea to not be a fit with their ability or desire to fund but may have valuable advice and connections to share nonetheless. Some may not be valuable at all and may in fact be rude and down right dismissive. It is best to identify the difference between a good pass and a bad pass and to ignore the rude ones and engage the good ones ......... There are some that like to meet just to meet with no intention of investing and/or no cash free to invest. You do not need that waste of time. ........ you will have to meet with at least five different investors for every $100k that you raise, and this is the best case scenario. In each of my rounds that I have raised more than $1m, I ended up meeting with at least and more than 50 different investors by count, and in over 100 total meetings. ......... Look at the portfolio of the firm, the twitter and linkedin of the angel to find out if they have invested in a competitor. ......... It may very well be that they want to meet you in order to get educated for their next board meeting and to advise their company on how to outflank you or steal pieces of your model. .......... Lessen your alcohol intake, tighten your schedule to ensure proper sleep and exercise, and find healthy hobbies to take your mind off of your startup.

How to Explain Bitcoin to a No-Coiner Loved One so that you can share the magic of this revolutionary new financial system with those around you. ....... Bitcoins don’t need to be backed by gold or any other government entity in order to have value; they’re simply worth whatever people are willing to pay for them, much like stocks and bonds. This means you can exchange Bitcoins without waiting on a bank or a central bank and without paying steep transaction fees.

Startups legais

It only takes 5 minutes to know if a start-up has a high probability of success or not. Or the “lie to me” method. ........ He will tell you why he decided to take the step. He will tell you what motivates him. In short, his passion. And he will talk about it sincerely, using words that resonate. ...... Why the entrepreneur does what he does. From this “why” will come the culture, which, in turn, will unify the team. It is this culture that will enable the team to react and adapt to the slightest setback.

Chrome and Safari have great competition, meet the new and futuristic browser . browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are among the internet’s most utilized and well-known browsers. ........ It makes it feel as if the webpage is an app on your Mac. ....... The sidebar in Arc is home to your tabs, spaces as well as library

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Nait Jones: First Time Founder Mistakes

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Twitter Space Event: Rario, Ox Polygon MATIC

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