Monday, July 30, 2012

The Smartphone Is A Frying Pan

You should not be able to patent a frying pan. Like farms are a category. Hand looms are a category. The PC is a category.

The PC Was A Category And Could Not Have Been Patented

There were music players before the iPod. How come Apple did not get sued?

And if it is about "look and feel" like Apple claims, rumor has it the next iPhone is going to have a larger screen and it is going to look like the large Samsung phones. Talk about look and feel.

Key Witness No Longer Works at Apple, Doesn’t Want to Testify at Samsung Trial
Shin Nishibori, the Apple designer whose Sony-infused iPhone designs have become a central issue in the Samsung patent case, apparently has no plans to testify in the upcoming trial. ..... The lawyer said Nishibori no longer works at Apple, and is in Hawaii, “trying to recover from several health issues.” ..... It was Nishibori who created a series of designs in 2006 that show what a Sony-like iPhone might look like, allegedly at the direction of Apple design chief Jony Ive. ..... Nishibori’s designs show that Sony influenced the iPhone design that Samsung is accused of copying. ...... Apple would not make Nishibori available for months, noting that he was on a leave of absence. ..... Samsung submitted Twitter postings from Nishibori, in which he talked of world travel and running 10K races. Samsung eventually took his deposition in May 2012
Samsung Makes Another Case to Have Apple’s “Sony Style” Put Before Jury
Apple’s iPhone was heavily influenced by Sony. ..... the iPhone project changed direction based on things that Apple learned from news articles about where Sony was headed ..... Samsung claims Apple tried to delay Samsung learning about the extent of the Sony influence on the iPhone, and says the California company shouldn’t be rewarded for its tactics. ..... “Apple’s ‘iconic’ iPhone was conceived as part of a study of Sony designs that was ordered by Apple executives,” Samsung said in the filing. “It took Samsung four separate court orders — three from this Court and one from the International Trade Commission — compelling Apple to produce the testimony and documents that are the subject of Apple’s motion before Apple finally disclosed it. ...... Samsung argues that it tried for months to take the deposition of Apple designer Shin Nishibori, but Apple said he was on a leave of absence and unavailable. ..... Prior to the work by the Apple designer, the company was pursuing a separate design approach, known as “extrudo,” while its later work (and the eventual iPhone) more closely resembles the “Sony style” design. ..... Apple hopes to avoid public disclosure of the full, detailed story of how the iPhone in its present form came to be.”

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