Thursday, July 26, 2012

Path Maneuvres

PandoMonthly - March 2012 - Sarah Lacy Intervi...
PandoMonthly - March 2012 - Sarah Lacy Interviews Path's Dave Morin (Photo credit: thekenyeung)
Path started out by saying it is insane you can have 5,000 friends. 50 should be it. And it started out by being mobile only. That second might be a bigger differentiator than the first, if you are talking Path and Facebook. Hopping onto Android was a pretty big move. By now the app is in a sound place.

Path Debuts Version 2.5: Bigger Photos And Videos, Book And Movie Sharing, New ‘Nudge’ Feature

Good thing the "Poke" Facebook is not going after the "Nudge" Path. I guess we are not talking Apple and Samsung.
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