Monday, July 30, 2012


The mobile experience is different. There are few places where that is as starkly obvious as when you try to type. The mobile screen is not conducive to typing.

Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search
speaking your queries, getting results before you finish typing, or searching by image. Now there’s a new way for you to interact with Google: Handwrite for web search on mobile phones and tablets ..... Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen—there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing. ..... Since you can write anywhere, you don’t have to look back and forth repeatedly from the keyboard to the search box...... Handwrite is experimental, and works better in some browsers than others—on Android devices, it works best in Chrome. For now, we’ve enabled Handwrite for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets—in 27 languages

Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search

Handwrite is a leap. And it just might be the friendliest way to type yet on the mobile screen. When you speak commands, you disturb people around you. And hopefully you are surrounded by people often.

This is so good people might demand it on their laptop screens. Although laptops might come with a warning sign. Do not burn your fingers from too much handwriting.

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