Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twitter Goes Hollywood

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Twitter, Hollywood Working on In-Stream Video Series
the possibility of launching several original video series via Twitter ..... the show could live on a standalone Twitter page similar to the events page that Twitter launched in partnership with Nascar in June, although the series’ page would more closely resemble a microsite in order to feature an expanded video player. Another possibility is that the series would be distributed within tweets—promoted, organic or pinned to a brand’s Twitter page—with users clicking to expand the tweet into a full-fledged video player. ..... With the potential series, Twitter is aiming to get big-budget advertisers on board, with sponsorship deals possibly running around $4 million. ..... theoretically user tweets would somehow influence the show as it airs
Old media does not go away. New media simply infiltrates that old media. And gives it a new life. This is interactivity taken to a whole new level. User tweets influencing the show as it airs is so Twitter.
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