Monday, July 30, 2012

Personal Data For Personal Sale

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange (Photo credit: inkwellmusings)
A Stock Exchange for Your Personal Data
Companies already make billions because they know our online habits. What if we could take a cut? ..... Today, people have no choice but to give away their personal information—sometimes in exchange for free networking on Twitter or searching on Google, but other times to third-party data-aggregation firms without realizing it at all...... something akin to a New York Stock Exchange for personal data. A trusted market operator could take a small cut of each transaction and help arrive at a realistic price for a sale. ..... fresh ideas and business models that promise users control over their privacy are gaining momentum. Startups like Personal and Singly are working on these challenges already. The World Economic Forum recently called an individual's data an emerging "asset class." .... Giving people control on a trustworthy market could encourage more and new kinds of data to be shared
I am a huge proponent of collecting and selling this data to make gigabit broadband free for every human being on the planet.
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