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It Is About Google As Much As Samsung

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And Google has to beat Apple like it beat Oracle. Common sense makes for justice.

Samsung Case Is a Proxy for Google
Dispute Between Apple and Samsung Is Proxy for Broader Mobile Operating-System War ..... elephant in the room: Google ..... a global attack on Samsung and other handset makers that use Google's Android software. ..... Android the No. 1 smartphone operating system ..... Apple's approach also opens up the possibility of getting the International Trade Commission—which often rules more quickly than federal courts—to halt sales of devices found to infringe Apple's patents. ..... alleging that Apple is violating Samsung's own patents related to how phones communicate and three patents concerning how phones handle pictures and music. ..... a pivotal moment in the smartphone market, with Samsung extending its lead in the lucrative business. .... The Samsung devices that are at issue in the trial are being, or have already been, phased out. ..... Apple is asserting that Samsung devices violate a greater number of features related to Android, including swiping to unlock the device, auto-correcting text and searching from a unified search box. Samsung is countering with claims that Apple infringed on its wireless telecommunications technology and other features. ..... Judge Koh this summer granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone in the case, though an appeals court later stayed the order. Google said that it has a workaround for the search-related patent Apple cited in the case. ...... Motorola is asserting that Apple violated several patents related to wireless standards, the same type of patents that Samsung is using in its defense against Apple.
Android was conceived before the iOS. How about that?

Apple does not do hardware. FoxConn does that for them. Maybe Apple should consider going back into manufacturing if it really wants to compete with Samsung.

This is Apple acting Soviet.

Is The Latest Apple-Samsung Court Case Really All About Google?
legal representatives from Google will be dotted around the court room when things kick off later this morning
Oracle's Larry Ellison also asked for two billion in damages. What is it about Android?

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