Thursday, July 26, 2012

iPhone 5

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It is expected to sell really, really well. Okay, so the screen size got bigger, but still not big enough. What else?

Apple’s Upcoming iPhone: What We Know
a thinner screen .... all the major carriers are expected to begin selling the iPhone at launch..... The screen will also be larger, measuring at least 4 inches diagonally .... iOS 6, which Apple says comes with 200 new features, including enhancements to “voice assistant” Siri; a new 3-D maps service with turn-by-turn navigation; integration with Facebook; a “Do Not Disturb” feature to avoid unwanted messages at night; and a new app called Passbook organizes loyalty cards, tickets and boarding passes to display the right card when needed..... 65% of those planned to make an iPhone their next smartphone, and of those 51% said they were waiting for newest model
I guess iOS 6 is the big item here.
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