Thursday, August 24, 2006

Google Audio, Google Office

Google Audio

There is Google Video, but no audio equivalent. I am surprised. Should not audio have come first? I wrote to the Google Video people earlier to that effect. I had been bugging them about making pay per view possible. They have said it will be done, they just can't say when.

I hit reply to their last email to me and brought up Google Audio as an idea! Don't click on it just yet. Because does not exist for now.

Google Word Processing

Google now offers word processing and spreadsheets online. I learned about the word processing just now. As in, they just now went public. I knew they had bought Writely. Now I got my free account with them.

The best part is it is like having your own free, private virtual office. You can invite people to collaborate. That was one thing I was missing with Blogger. If you could have a private blog with many members, that would be like a private office. But that is not an option.

And many of the virtual offices available online, mostly for rent, are designed to upload your Word documents. Then what's the point?

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