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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Blue Filter

A few hours back I used a decidedly blue filter on a picture I shared on Path. It felt wrong.

Monday, January 07, 2013

I Like To Read, I Like To Take Pictures

Nexus 4: My First Smartphone
Nexus 4 Is Way Too Cool

I have been playing with my Nexus 4 for days now. It is such a joy.

I have downloaded and organized a whole bunch of apps. I have discovered that I really like to read. Some of my favorite apps help me read. I also seem to like to take pictures. I have discovered. These are not revelations to me. More like confirmations. But confirmations I am happy about.

I really like to read. Pocket is a good one. It beats Flipboard in my book. I like the idea of saving in Pocket on my laptop to read later on the phone. My private homepage on my laptop already has an excellent curation of read destinations.

Amazon Kindle is awesome and easily my favorite app on my seven inch tablet. I am glad to have the Wikipedia app on the phone. Wikipedia is an awesome aspect of the Internet.

I have tried and loved several game apps. I played for hours, one of them overnight, it seemed like. But I did not find myself going back to them the following day. Chess I have gone back to. That is a good classic game in which to want to climb levels.

Path pictures are good, as Instagram pictures. The smartphone is such a poor camera that it has to make up for through filters and effects.

It is a treat to be able to download apps for your phone while sitting in front of a laptop.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Path Is In China, Why Not Facebook?

I wonder if the closed nature of Path makes it more palatable to the communist party honchos, but it makes no sense to let Path in and keep Facebook out. Both are so very similar in what you can do with them. On Facebook you can have 5,000 friends, on Path only 150. Used to be 50.

Or is Path too small to not have been noticed yet?

Dave Morin Says China Is Path’s Second Biggest Country
A lot of the early growth with Path 2.0 was in Japan and Korea, and Path’s second largest user base is in China, he said. Things have been picking up in the United States, too, especially in “these nice metro pockets.” .... photosharing remains the most popular activity. Music-sharing recently surged ahead to number two spot, overtaking the ability to announce when you fall asleep and wake up
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Path Maneuvres

PandoMonthly - March 2012 - Sarah Lacy Intervi...
PandoMonthly - March 2012 - Sarah Lacy Interviews Path's Dave Morin (Photo credit: thekenyeung)
Path started out by saying it is insane you can have 5,000 friends. 50 should be it. And it started out by being mobile only. That second might be a bigger differentiator than the first, if you are talking Path and Facebook. Hopping onto Android was a pretty big move. By now the app is in a sound place.

Path Debuts Version 2.5: Bigger Photos And Videos, Book And Movie Sharing, New ‘Nudge’ Feature

Good thing the "Poke" Facebook is not going after the "Nudge" Path. I guess we are not talking Apple and Samsung.
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dave Morin Talks to Calacanis

Source: Jason Calacanis

Calacanis, as usual, does half the talking.

The money quote has got to be Morin talking about the "hard conversations" you are supposed to have. The more of them you have the better you get at them.

Another quote. "Stop going to conferences, stay at the office, do the work, listen to your users."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Does Path Stand A Chance?

Path is a new social network - much talked about - that has some of the early, key Facebook people on board. Facebook limits you to 5,000 friends. Path limits you to 50 friends. Facebook does photos plus. Path does photos only.

My first reaction is I agree with Robert Scoble.