Wednesday, March 09, 2011

HTML 5 And The Small Screen

I am a browser bigot. I have been suspicious of the native apps on the smartphones. They have always felt ad hoc and temporary to me. They have been like mosquitoes to the swamp. You drain away the swamp and the mosquitoes are gone. You make universal wireless broadband a reality and the native apps are gone.

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And this EightBit talk on TechCrunch proves my point.
EightBit Hits The Street Running With HTML5 Power; SXSW Just Got A Lot More Fun: You know how every service out there asks you to choose an icon/avatar? Well, EightBit wants to be the service that populates all of those spaces. ..... there’s an entire game being played. Cross-platform, cross-device, connected to all types of services. ....... EightBit is initially going to take the HTML5 space by storm. Specifically, the mobile HTML5 space, is what they’re targeting for phase one of the game for the iPhone (full Android HTML5 support is coming shortly). ...... “At launch we wanted to show the power of HTML5 and mobile devices. The entire application looks/feels native but is entirely rendered in the browser” ....... it is solid ...... while it’s all being handled with HTML5 for now, “in the coming weeks we will have native applications that will allow us to give a richer experience for the user” .....
But universal wireless broadband might not be here for a while, and so native apps have their place in the scheme of things.

Introducing EightBit.Me from eightbitme on Vimeo.
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