Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Color your WorldImage by Michelle Brea (busy-away) via FlickrI guess people have been taking pictures for a while now. Sight is a dominant human organ. And now there has been talk of a new startup called Color. My first reaction was, how did they get that domain name? Was it not already taken?

So what's the idea? The first piece I read on the topic told me you will never be able to leave me. You are stuck with me within a mile radius. Not even a mile. This world is getting small.

Before trains and airplanes, that used to happen. People could spend their entire lives within a few tens of miles. Some people obviously think we need to go back to that kind of reality. You pick the 10 people who matter to you and you never leave. You constantly take pictures for each other, you tweet for each other. But there is another angle to it, like when you are public and semi public. Then people far, far away who are not part of your immediate circle get a much more realistic picture of what your life is like. That could lead to world peace. Peace gets disrupted when communication breaks down. If everyone gets to speak, and everyone gets heard - see and be seen - maybe there will be fewer fights.

From a tech startup view, I am more fascinated by Color's idea of a social graph. You don't actively shape it, and it is transient. But there is a social graph.

I think we as humanity are trying to capture everything anyone ever saw at every given point in time. My urge to take pictures is much less than it used to be - I uploaded more than 10,000 pictures of New York City on Facebook - since I figure I have crowdsourced the whole thing. Crowds are taking pictures of anything and everything on my behalf.

This world is getting color coded.

Peace out.

A most eye catching element of the news has been that Color has been able to raise 41 million dollars. That is a huge sum to start with. Load it up, I say. Load up all the pictures. Is there a search engine for that?
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