Friday, March 18, 2011

Immigration Limbo

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of th...Image via Wikipedia"I will prepare and perhaps my time will come."
- Abraham Lincoln

I think I am about six, seven months from my green card. Too bad they have not started work on immigration overhaul in DC yet, or they might have heard a mouthful from me already.

I can't incorporate a company. The last time I raised 100,000 dollars - for my last startup - I put the money into a bank account run by someone else on the team, an American citizen. That was not my first choice.

I have figured if I can raise some money now, I can always get someone else to do the incorporating and arrange for them to get me as the first hire at 99.9% ownership. That would be a $10,000 value for them for the simple act of incorporating.

This is such a fucked up situation to be in. This is not about not having a good idea, this is not about not having the smarts, this is not about not being able to build a team, this is not about traction or product-market fit, this is about stupid paperwork. This is a shame.

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