Friday, March 18, 2011

The Two Poles Of My Social Reality

This was not always the case, and it might change down the line, but as of now there are two poles to my social reality.

At one end it is me, myself and I. This is me all by myself. Online mostly. Consuming and producing mindfood. This is the farmer who was born to a farming family. This part of me is really, really important to me. This is not solitary meditation. I have participated in political revolutions this way. This is very real, very concrete, very happening.

And very delicate. You really have to be left alone. You have to enter a certain zone to really hit it. To max it. You avoid human interaction. Misspoken words really bother. So you avoid such people.

The other pole I call group dynamics. This is not about friendships, or even networking. I might never again meet the people I talked to, and that would not bother me. It is about working a crowd, a big room full of people. This is about social immersion. I try this when I go to big events. I love parades for the same reason. The absolute best thing that happens on Manhattan streets is parades.

The layers in between I might build later on.

Third World Guy
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