Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Patrick Chen's Entrepreneur Exchange Summit

I met Patrick Chen at this Hackers And Founders MeetUp. He is a great guy. He said he was a MBA student at NYU, and he had teamed up with a techie friend, who was a full timer with a hedge fund, to form a gaming startup. I paid him the ultimate compliment. I suggested the two of them should team up with me on my startup. He said we can talk. We did talk. We became Facebook friends. We exchanged a few tweets. A few days later he said it is best he stuck to his gaming startup.

Long story short I am going to Patrick's conference on Friday. I tried to suggest they should waive the $45 fee for me since "I will be blogging about the event extensively before and after." Let's put it this way. I ended up having to pay.

I don't know if they still have tickets available, but if they do, you should consider buying. It is going to be an impressive gathering of some of the biggest names in the New York tech ecosystem. There are a few people who I have heard of but never met in person, for example.
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Idea to Initial Execution
March 25: Stern: Entrepreneurs Exchange Summit

I am hoping to put out a few more related blog posts before actually showing up.

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