Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This South By South West Thing

Texas Longhorn bull during South by Southwest ...Image by David Berkowitz via FlickrI have to admit, it has started to tug at me a little. I just looked up and found out it starts on March 11. That's Friday.

Okay, Ron Rofe, put in the first 10K. Send me to South By South West. All I would need is a two way plane ticket. How would I do that? I have never bought a plane ticket in America. How would I go from the airport to downtown? I don't think the A train works there. Where would I stay? I guess by now it's too late to be making hotel reservations. If it is warm enough, I could sleep anywhere. I could sleep by the roadside.

I actually sent emails to three people I know. One bounced back. Another did not respond. The third said he was in San Antonio. Maybe somebody who already has hotel reservations will let me squeeze in. I don't need a mattress, no blanket. But I do sleep. I am one of those seven, eight hours kind.

I don't really need to go to panels. I do need to meet people, like lots and lots of them, but I don't need to go to panels. It's not like I get to sit on any of them. Who needs panels?

Okay, Ron Rofe, you get to fund this. This might be a great excuse for me to get my first smartphone. All I would need is a smartphone, a Hashable app download, and I am set.

I can eat anything. I can sleep anywhere. I can party hard. So it is not like I need to be tucked into bed at 10 PM. I can stay up to two, three, maybe more. Heck, I might not even need to sleep.

Mahalia. You said something about the bus people. Does that mean I get to crash with your gang?

I can travel light. A few different Brazil shirts (to confuse people into thinking I am so hard core I don't even change shirts) is all it would take. And bathroom supplies. But then hotel rooms come with soap. And towels. You can buy a toothbrush anywhere.

South By South West

So I am looking at carrying maybe three Brazil shirts.

I have not made up my mind yet. But the onus by now is on Ron Rofe. I think I am meeting the guy tonight. If I don't go, blame Ron Rofe.

GroupOn Did Not Launch At South By South West
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