Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barack's Positivity

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ri...Image via WikipediaAt first I thought he was being naive. That was in 2007. I loved the guy. I was his first full time volunteer in the city.

He will get knocked around a few times, and then he will come around to it, I thought. He will learn.

And then he started winning. Big. And I am like, wait a minute, whatever he is doing is working. I declared myself a student of his new kind of politics, his positivity.

First I thought it was naive. Then I thought it was maybe weakness. Then I saw it was pragmatism. I mean, it was working wildly.

Much later I realized it takes enormous strength to do what he does. That positivity thing is a sign of tremendous strength.

But I still am for tactical positivity.

"I believe in being nice, but that does not apply to my enemies."
- Larry Ellison.

Some people go to bed early and wake up early. I don't do that. Maybe Barack is one of those early morning people. But I have my own style. It is different. It is legit. It works for me.

Plotting revolutionary poverty alleviation asks for one being open to many styles. Positivity is one of them.

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