Monday, March 07, 2011

Farmville's Got Competition

Angry bird family growsImage by haikugirlOz via Flickr
ReadWriteWeb: Look Out Farmville: Angry Birds is Coming to Facebook: The game - in which you fling a variety of birds at things in hopes of knocking them over - is a complete blockbuster with more than 75 million downloads. Several different gaming blogs have reported that Angry Birds' creator, Rovio, has told Wired UK that it is working on a social reinvention of the game for Facebook...... Will Angry Birds take over as the number one game on Facebook? Can it compete with the crack-like qualities of games like Farmville and Cityville?
I'd be curious to know as to how the game reinvents itself for the Facebook platform. I do think they are capable of giving Farmville some serious competition.

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Farmville Strategy said...

I was very interested in knowing more about Angry Birds... until I watched your trailers. It seems Farmville is all about growing things and making things... whereas Angry Birds is all about destroying things.
I thought the hype was that it was going to take players away from Farmville... but perhaps it is aimed at a different market all together than the Farmville audience.