Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Domo: The Pandora of People?

Only the other day I said for me I wanted a FoodSpotting for people. FoodSpotting says it is the Pandora for food. And looks like I have come across an app that is the Pandora for people. But I'd not call it the FoodSpotting for people. I have a feeling that will have to be a Hashable feature. Domo's dipping into Facebook is cool, but it should also allow for the kind of people you end up meeting. An ideal app would let you meet people and rate them. That might start a few fights, at least some hurt feelings, but nothing that a tight privacy setting can not solve.

You mind if I take your picture? Dishes don't need permission, why do you?

Domo is not it yet. It does not have enough users for you to be able to scan a crowd for people of potential interest. For now I get to work the room, shake a few hands, make small talk. That works fine for me. More than fine actually. It works wonders.

TechCrunch: DOMO Lets You Share Your Interests And Connect With New People Around You
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