Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jack Dorsey Returning To Twitter

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder and the chairman of ...Image via WikipediaI put out this blog post - Twitter At Five: Not Spitting Out Well - and the following day news was that Jack Dorsey was going back to Twitter in a major way. I felt vindicated.

I have a thing for the Founder CEO. (Larry Page At The Helm) Jack Dorsey is the Twitter Founder CEO. No, Biz Stone did not co-invent Twitter. Jack Dorsey getting booted out of Twitter is not exactly the same as Steve Jobs getting booted out of Apple in 1984, but it is in a similar vein. It is a DNA thing, it is delicate. Only the Founder CEO can pivot like a service like Twitter needs to pivot. Facebook has not had that problem. Zuck's being in the driving seat explains that. Facebook has pivoted relentlessly.

I like Evan Williams, Blogger is my favorite social media platform, but he messed up on pushing Jack Dorsey aside.

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The Founder CEO is a rare animal, but it is my favorite animal.
Fast Company: Unsolicited Advice for Jack Dorsey on His Rumored Re-Tweet, Courtesy of Himself: Jack Dorsey, who helped spawn Twitter years ago, could be returning to a much larger role in the company. Dorsey had been ousted from his role as CEO, supplanted by Evan Williams, and Dorsey went on to pursue a new venture with Square, the mobile payment company. But now that Williams has stepped down as CEO, yielding that position to Dick Costolo, Dorsey has become more involved at Twitter--and might be coming on full-time as something like Chief Product Officer..... he might be worth something like $300 million .... "Making something simple is very difficult" ...... Dorsey devotes "most of his waking hours" to his two companies, and that he has a singular ability to stay focused ..... a strain of utopianism that appears to govern the way he views the world. ..... Fundamentally, he sees both Twitter and Square as experiments in democracy. "Jack's biggest insights have nothing to do with technology," says one collaborator, Greg Kidd, in the Vanity Fair piece. "It's always a democratization machine ... Even the way he talks about Square is about social justice." ...... "his ultimate aspiration is to become mayor of New York." He even got a meeting with Bloomberg to talk about it ...... once used to wear his hair in dreadlocks and has a giant tattoo of the integral symbol running the length of his forearm ..... Dorsey--who is said not to have managed Twitter so well back in the early years
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