Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy World Water Day

If there is anything that is at the center of the globe's development agenda, it is clean water. Water also just so happens to be my favorite substance. I like to play with water. After I am done with the sink, you will likely see leftover splashes. Some people have thought it is because I am an untidy person.

There is something about the formlessness of water that gets me. Water in its formlessness reminds me of the human mind. Water is what the human mind should be, often is.

Water is my favorite drink. Aqua. Water. I can't digest milk. That's curious. Because I grew up in a farming family. Breakfast happened after they milked the cows and the buffaloes. Milk fresh off the teat. I quit on beer, coffee, tea, soda last year. When I say that to some people they end up getting the impression maybe I used to be some kind of an alcoholic. Not so. I never was big on beer drinking. It never tasted good to me. I decided I need to stop drinking for other people. It is funny how nobody notices when you don't have a drink in your hand. It is a step up.

Coffee is not good for me. Water, on the other hand.

Water is officially the best drink. If you are a health nut, go with water.

But enough about me. Some about the world.

There is a country song for every moment. Country music never fails like that. On the other hand there are many, many Bollywood songs for every moment under the sun. Bollywood rules likes that.

Kaante (2002)
Bollywood Over The Decades (6)
Merry Christmas (2)
Bollywood Over The Decades (5)
Bollywood Over The Decades (4)
Bollywood Over The Decades (3)
Bollywood Over The Decades (2)
Bollywood Over The Decades (1)

Shame on humanity we have not been able to take clean drinking water to every single human being. Doing that would be the first step towards conquering poverty. It can be done easy. We have the resources. But we have not done it. Shame, shame, shame.

Let's begin this new millenium by taking clean drinking water to everyone.

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