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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vimeo, Circa, Instapaper All Look Good

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But she does not have the money for Pinterest. She gave it away.

I am not that sure about Quora. It might be too expensive.

Vimeo would be a must in my book, and Circa would be a great foray into mobile.

I don't think Path is for sale.

Flipboard and Circa are both interesting. News is a major consumption item on mobile, just like on the web.
"Search is a core daily habit for all of us and a fundamental user behavior, the top priority for Yahoo," she said. "We'll focus on reshaping Search, driving smart distribution deals and making organic investments to grow our market share. There's a clear upside potential here, and it's time now to execute against it...... Mayer will likely be courting search start-ups that can beef up Yahoo's algorithmic chops in the ad-tech space."
When Mayer takes on Page on search, sparks will fly.

She has a better chance of competing with Google in the ad space than search. A number two position in search is pretty good too.

I am not familiar with Criteo, but if it is like Google AdWords, that would be swell.

A Roadmap of Yahoo's (Potential) Acquisition Targets

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

HTML 5 And The Small Screen

I am a browser bigot. I have been suspicious of the native apps on the smartphones. They have always felt ad hoc and temporary to me. They have been like mosquitoes to the swamp. You drain away the swamp and the mosquitoes are gone. You make universal wireless broadband a reality and the native apps are gone.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chatfe: Audio, Interest Based Random Connections On Skype?

Paul Orlando

I got to meet Paul Orlando at a Microsoft event towards the end of January: his startup won an award. I hung out for hours after the formal event was over. We then exchanged a tweet or two over the weeks. We were angling to meet again. Finally we met near his office in Chinatown.

We went to two dumpling places after that. Eating dumplings is the best thing I learned in Kathmandu where I did a bunch of my schooling. Paul introduced me to a place - Lan Zhou on 144 E Broadway - that I have revisited many times after. Great quality, super low price, how do you beat that? 50 frozen dumplings for $8. That is cheaper than if I were to buy the ingredients and make them myself, only I would not know how to make them.

I am mayor of that place on FourSquare. But since I check in through text message on my prepaid, I have ended up mayor of another establishment of the same name. But who is counting?

Paul is married to a Taiwanese. The dude has spent a few years in Hong Kong. He has a MBA from Columbia.


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Paul dropped a nugget over lunch that day. Instead of expecting people to talk over their phones, what if Chatfe made a switch and used the Skype platform instead? I got excited. I started having visions of Chatfe exploding to Chatroulette like numbers.

Chatfe is in the random connections space. It is based out of New York City. And it is run by a friend of mine. That's three strikes. I am excited.

There are a few advantages Chatfe has over Chatroulette. Sticking to audio only is a good move. With video you end up with a hugely distorted male-female ratio and some roudy behavior, it seems. Also with Chatfe, it is not completely random connections. You register a topic you want to talk about. But maybe Chatfe is tightening that noose a little too much. It should be a little more random than that.

I should be able to insert my location into my profile and topics and subtopics I am interested in talking about. And I should be able to similarly do searches based on location and topics of interest. Also, you probably want to be able to specify your language(s). In my case that is more than half a dozen. And you want to be able to arrange talks for later. As in, I want to talk in Hindi to someone in Mumbai about Amitabh Bachchan's latest movie for about 10 minutes at 10 PM NYC local time. Any takers? And if I have more than one person interested, I want that to be turned into a conference call on Skype. I would like it medium rare.

This much tweaking and I think Paul Orlando is going to be running all over Chinatown for server space.

Chatfe: Audio only, interest based random connections on the Skype platform. And Chatfe takes off into the stratosphere.

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