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Saturday, August 31, 2013

OK Glass

So Sergey Brin - who I like a lot for his China stand - has hooked up with the Google marketing manager who gave the world the phrase "OK Glass." His ex and he are at peace. And the self-made billionaire has found new love. He is a Russian Jew. She is a Chinese Jew. So I read. More important, I feel like he wants to be associated with Google Glass like Steve Jobs is associated with the smartphone. Although I think that is a tall task. The Glass is more like a smartwatch, it is cool, but the smartphone will continue to be the center of the mobile experience, and even the Glass and the smartwatch will hitch to the smartphone bandwagon.

I think she is pretty and funny. And I left a few positive comments on her Google Plus page. Too many people have spewed venom on the same. The crowd can quickly descend to the lowest common denominator. Here comes everybody, but do make the effort to build the close relationships so as to not get bothered by the asteroids spewing venom. This is like Sean Parker complaining in a TechCrunch post about all the venom he and his fiance had to face when they got married. In this day and age of social media, everyone with an internet connection is a pest, I mean paparazzi. Learn to ignore.

I once heard a millionaire say, he was just this normal dude, then he made a lot of money, and he tried hard to keep his old friends and acquaintances from his middle class days but too much jealousy was being spewed and so he started hanging out with other millionaires, and that venom did not exist. Maybe Sergey and Sean should hang. They both have billions and very pretty women.
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Friday, February 08, 2013

So Glad To Be Podcasting

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting
The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If this can be called podcasting.

It started with this post at TechCrunch: Google Integrates Third-Party Web Apps More Deeply Into Google Drive.

I was reading it on my phone this morning, and I got excited. I fired up my laptop, and went to Google Drive and quickly integrated a whole bunch of apps. I created a floor plan using FloorPlanner. And I was feeling good about being able to edit video in Google Drive. Then I happened upon audio.

On second try I was able to use an app that feels like podcasting. I record my talk on the phone, save it over to Google Drive, from there I edited it with TwistedWave, the app on Google Drive, which then allowed me to share it to SoundCloud, which allowed me to embed it to my blog, this blog.

For the longest time video has felt easier than audio. I guess the music industry casts a jaundiced look upon the landscape. And so app developers stay away in fear. But I have just wanted to be able to record and share my own voice with the ease I can share words I type.

Hint: this should be a simple feature in Blogger's mobile app.

And so, welcome to this podcast, if it can be called that: Social Media Week Is Upon Us.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pando Monthly: Finding The Groove

Sarah Lacy
Sarah Lacy (Photo credit: jdlasica)
Drama and Mike Arrington go together, or did when he was a blogger. His selling of TechCrunch to AOL to a lot of TechCrunch oldies breaking off from the mothership when he got fired from AOL: drama.

Pando Daily entered a crowded space. It got funding, alright. It had talent, fine. But the space was crowded. But I saw room for some long form journalism. And Pando Monthly fits the bill. Although I have yet to watch any of the Pando Monthly videos, it feels like a Charlie Rose thing.

PandoMonthly Presents: A Fireside Chat with Ben Horowitz

Pando Monthly is the most outstanding thing Pando Daily has done so far. It is an innovation.
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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Google Plus Is Google's Bing

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseTechCrunch: How The IPO Ruined Google

I never thought Google Plus was going to one up Facebook. Facebook is the social king. And that will stay. Just like Google is the search king and that will stay. Facebook tried to one up FourSquare, and failed. It gave up. But Facebook can not ignore the location space, and Google can not ignore social.

But I do think Google Plus is an arrival of sorts. Google wanted a player in the social space, and now they got it. They needed an also ran, and they have it now. Google badly needed a social layer to its services, and now they got it.
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