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Facebook Comments To Go: Facebook Nailed It

Facebook logoImage via WikipediaFacebook Messages got touted by the media as the Gmail killer. Well, I have been using it, it is great, but it is no Gmail killer.

TechCrunch: Facebook Rolls Out Overhauled Comments System (Try Them Now On TechCrunch)

I have not used the Facebook Comments thing yet that you are supposed to be able to have added to your blog, but I am liking the description of it. I think Facebook nailed it.
Mashable: Facebook Releases Robust Updates To Its Comments Plugin

Key User Features

Social Commenting & Context: When users are logged into Facebook, they are able to comment on a site with the Comments plugin immediately. Users are able to get more context about a person by looking at the text next to a commenter’s name, which displays any mutual friends, the person’s work title, the person’s age, or the place that a person currently lives – information pulled from the user’s Facebook profile. The information, of course, will be based on a user’s privacy settings.

Best Comments First: Comments are ranked based on your personal network. The most relevant comments from friends, friends of friends, and the most liked or active discussion threads will be at the top.

Moderation: As users are reading, they can mark comments as spam, or report them as being abusive to clean up any inappropriate comments.

Easy Sharing: Users can share comments back to Facebook by clicking “Post to Facebook.” The comment will then be posted to their wall and surfaced for friends on Facebook.

Threaded Conversation: This might be the neatest feature. Users can sync comments regardless of where they’re made. Whether a user makes a comment on an article or a post on Facebook Page, the comments will be threaded together in the same conversation so users don’t miss out on anything.

Comment as a Page: Page owners can comment on external sites as their Facebook Page. When a user is logged into Facebook, he or she will see the option to comment as a Page. The comment will be shared on the Page’s wall so users who’ve liked the Page have the opportunity to join the conversation as well.

Publisher Features

Simply Implementation: The plugin can be added to a site with just one line of code.

Distribution: Users can easily share comments back to Facebook with a link that directs back to the original article on a publisher’s site.

Syncing a Page & Website: Publishers are able to syncronize comments made by readers on their site or Facebook page. Regardless of where a comment is made, it will appear in both places. This has the potential to improve the quality of conversations by synchronizing it.

Moderation Controls: The moderation includes blacklist controls to the Comments plugin and site admins can control the visibility of a comment by making it private or hiding it completely. Publishers can blacklist users and words.
Disqus just became an also ran.

I used to have Disqus at this blog, but then I got this new template and left the default settings for comments. Now I am going to add this Facebook Plugin. Rumor has it it's just one line of code.

This is like taking blogging to the masses. Not everyone wants to blog, but everyone but everyone wants to leave comments and have those comments show up on their Facebook wall.

This is huge.

Get it here.

@Caro of CNet first broke the news on this one. And I thought there would be a flood of follow ups by other publications. But no, mum was the word for weeks. Good job, Caro. You see trends when they come. Logo of CNET.Image via Wikipedia

This is humongous huge.

How To Add Facebook Comment Box To Blogger Blogs
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Scott Paley said...

I'm a bit skeptical, personally, and wrote up my thoughts here:

The New Facebook Comments System. Good? Or Evil

My post has a link to this post as an example of the initial thinking across the blogosphere.