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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Money Is Not Actually Moving

Economic Growth and the Production Possibility...
Economic Growth and the Production Possibility Curve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If all money is digital, and if M-Pesa is the future, not just in Kenya but also in the rich world, and if the blockchain technology does to money moving what the Internet did to information moving, as in bring the costs down to pretty much zero, then the money is not actually moving, is it? You are just managing accounts, you are adding and subtracting.

And that digitization allows for a potentially massive increase in the velocity of money. If the same dollar exchanges hands 200 times instead of 20, that is a ten times increase in economic activity and hence economic growth. Moving money should be instantaneous and free globally. Just like when you send email, there is no lag. In the old fashioned ways, it can take days for money to move. There is no reason why it should be that way. That "lag" is a tremendous drag on economic activity.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The $50 Phone

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...
English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволюция мобильных телефонов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Don’t Diss Cheap Smartphones. They’re About to Change Everything
....for a vast number of people in a vast number of countries, the cheap handset will be the first screen, and the only screen. Their primary interface with the world. A way of connecting to the Internet where there are no telephone lines or coaxial cables or even electricity. In nations without subsidized cell phone contracts or access to consumer credit, the $50-and-you-own-it handset is going to be transformative.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The X Phone

Finally Google is getting into hardware. The Nexus line was warm up.

Google Designing 'X Phone' to Rival Apple, Samsung
Seven months after being acquired by Google for $12.5 billion, Motorola is designing its marquee handset with cutting-edge features to stand apart from existing phones when it is released next year ..... using a bendable screen .... Motorola is also expected to work on an "X" tablet after the phone .... only one billion of the world's seven billion people use smartphones, calling that "an incredible opportunity." .... Motorola wanted top-notch features for the phone's camera and photo software, such as better color saturation and the ability to take panoramic shots .... materials such as ceramics that would allow the company to make the X Phone more stress resistant, use more colors and mold into different shapes .... Motorola plans to enhance the X Phone with its recent acquisition of Viewdle, an imaging and gesture-recognition software developer .... The South Korean company shipped 40.3% of all Android-based phones in the third quarter .... Google could begin adopting an integrated approach of having its Motorola and Android units work more closely together, like Apple does with its hardware and software teams .... Google has filled Motorola's top ranks with several dozen Google executives and product managers, many of whom didn't have previous experience with hardware ..... Google sees that relative inexperience as an advantage if it wants to revolutionize smartphone design

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Friday, August 03, 2012

Privacy, Security And Consensus

There is more room for mischief in mobile. The average person is not aware how much they are already giving away.

Study Reveals a Confused View of Mobile Phone Privacy and Security
Smartphones store a wealth of valuable personal data—photos, videos, e-mail, texts, app data, GPS locations, and Web browsing habits—that is increasingly falling into the hands of advertisers, app makers, law enforcement, and crooks...... The majority of respondents also said they believed their mobile phone to be as private as their personal computer. .... millions of people already provide mobile data to marketers, business analysts, and law enforcement, often without their knowledge or consent
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Monday, July 30, 2012


The mobile experience is different. There are few places where that is as starkly obvious as when you try to type. The mobile screen is not conducive to typing.

Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search
speaking your queries, getting results before you finish typing, or searching by image. Now there’s a new way for you to interact with Google: Handwrite for web search on mobile phones and tablets ..... Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen—there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing. ..... Since you can write anywhere, you don’t have to look back and forth repeatedly from the keyboard to the search box...... Handwrite is experimental, and works better in some browsers than others—on Android devices, it works best in Chrome. For now, we’ve enabled Handwrite for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets—in 27 languages

Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search

Handwrite is a leap. And it just might be the friendliest way to type yet on the mobile screen. When you speak commands, you disturb people around you. And hopefully you are surrounded by people often.

This is so good people might demand it on their laptop screens. Although laptops might come with a warning sign. Do not burn your fingers from too much handwriting.

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