Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Google Search: Skipping Social, Going To Location?

Looks like Marissa Mayer is getting busy already. The social butterfly of the Google corporate world has been setting trends for years. Now she attacks location front and center, looks like. (Marissa Mayer: Location, Local) It was not possible for the Android company to have stayed away from location for too long. (Mashable: Google Puts the Emphasis on Location in Search)
Google Public Policy Blog: More transparency and control over location: The location you set can be as specific as a particular zip code or as general as an entire country ... or a blog from your hometown ... will be available in more than 40 languages soon: Google Blog
Google has been taking some heat form the Bing-Facebook "conspiracy." (Google Under Attack?) Social has so far eluded Google. I for one don't think that is a technology challenge. It is a diplomacy challenge. Google has to figure out a way for Facebook to partner up with Google as well. Google could not have replicated Twitter, and I don't think it can replicate Facebook any more than Facebook can replicate Google. Yeah, so, Android is mobile, but it is the back end. Android is as Facebook friendly as it is Google friendly.
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