Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vinod Khosla's Green Tech Sweep

TechCrunch: Khosla Completes The VC Triumvirate At Disrupt: In 2004, he created Khosla Ventures to invest his own money and began to dive deep into greentech, while still keeping his hand in infotech. Always known for being a risk junkie and identifying big opportunities early, he started to build one of the deepest portfolios of greentech investments in the Valley. Last year, he finally took outside money, raising $1.1 billion for two new funds, including a seed fund.... His greentech portfolio covers everything from power generation, batteries, and advanced hydrocarbons to water, plastics, and chemicals.

This guy has made at least three major moves, maybe four, maybe five.

To be the founding CEO of Sun was a huge move. From there to move into venture capital was another huge move. And then he struck out on his own and made a huge push into clean tech. That's gutsy. No one quite like him on the horizon.

Who wants to be the Vinod Khosla of nanotech? I offered to do some early work for Howard Lindzon. He has refused by not replying. That guy also missed out on Zynga. And he calls himself the StockTwits guy.
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