Thursday, October 14, 2010

Physically Aware Internet

Pete Hartwell: Mashable: How a Physically Aware Internet Will Change the World: the first “Internet” looked nothing like it does today. .... we still haven’t even scratched the surface. .... connecting computers to sensors so that valuable new information can be created automatically without human data entry ..... sensors tackling our world’s largest issues: safety, security and sustainability. ..... A network of biochemical sensors can understand where and how food is being produced and stored by “smelling” it. ...... our computers are blind, deaf and numb to the world around us. We need to give them senses. ..... With billions, perhaps even trillions of sensors, we can begin to understand not just how the world is behaving, but how we are affecting it..... sensor networks are one of the principal ways we can use technology to address some of our most pressing global challenges like disease, pollution and climate change. ...... CeNSE, which stands for “Central Nervous System of the Earth” .... this is all coming sooner than you may think
To Natural User Interface

This is about moving from the internet of computers and the internet of human beings to the internet of things. This includes capturing real time data from not only objects but plants and other animals as well.

This is the tool that the climate change challenge has been waiting for. We need to know what's going on. And that we is not a royal we, it is a collective we. Anybody with internet access should be able to get a detailed view of the harm being done to the earth's ecosystem. That will elevate the consciousness level of humanity, and multitudes of people will demand the right things be done, and the democratic system will deliver.

The idea of having to sit in front of a computer to access the internet has been given a slap by the smartphone, but even the smartphone makes for a weird Homo Sapien, the one that is ogling at the small screen at all uncomfortable hours.

The internet is going to liberate itself from the screen and go everywhere.

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