Friday, October 15, 2010

That Thing Between The PC And The Smartphone

iPad with on display keyboardImage via WikipediaSteve Jobs, when he unveiled the iPad, claimed that the iPad was that thing between the PC and the smartphone. He famously called the PC the truck and the iPad the car. I disagreed. I did not think, I don't think the iPad is that thing between the PC and the smartphone. It is one of the things in that space, but the definitive device between the PC and the smartphone has not arrived yet. Whatever it is, it will try to render both the PC and the smartphone unnecessary.
Apple Insider: Apple component allocations point to new form factor sub-notebook: Activity within Apple's supply chain throughout the better part of 2010 has shown signs that the Mac maker is gearing up to introduce a new notebook that doesn't fit into any of its existing hardware designs ...... d a new MacBook Air .... "true" multi-touch Macs.
Something that is not as small as the smartphone, but approaches it in weight would be nice. The screen has to be decent size. You should be able to make and receive calls. There has to be the webcam option. Could you fit a camera into it?

But then major advances in the software behind the keyboard have made the tablet more appealing. If you can type away on the tablet like on a netbook, I mean.

And in the mean time Apple's shares keep getting pricier. Steve Jobs is on a roll.

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