Thursday, October 28, 2010

Social Is A Pendulum Swing

Young Boy in Kathmandu, Nepal.Image via WikipediaThis tumblog post got me thinking about a theme I have thought about for a while now and have been meaning to blog about.

Social that is all the rage is a pendulum swing. The pendulum will inevitably swing the other way. That does not mean we will all go back to doing Google searches, if we ever stopped doing that. The pendulum swing is going to mean that there is going to be a renewed focus on the individual at some point down the line.

When I see all the rage around organic farming, I find myself thinking, well, that is what I grew up around. (How My Grandfather Became Mayor The First Time) Milk processing was a concept I read about much later in books. The milk I drank was milk I had watched men squeeze out of the cow's or buffalo's teats an hour or so before.

What is being called social used to be called nosy. When it was time for me to come to America, the United States Education Foundation in Kathmandu put together a one day training session. The key speaker talked of how there was no concept of personal space in Nepal. Well, ends up, the rage behind social is all about erasing out each other's personal spaces, is it not?

I believe in a few years we will see the emergence of a web service that will help us get to know better as individuals. It might even be a form of web meditation. (Not Your Usual Yoga Guru)

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