Sunday, October 10, 2010

An IP Address For Your Heart

New Scientist: Body organs can send status updates to your cellphone: wireless body area network (BAN). Dubbed the Human++ BAN platform ..... The next step will be to use an ultra-low-power radio transmitter, still in development at IMEC, to improve the stamina and portability of the sensors. .... "telehealth" monitoring like this

This totally chimes in with my thought expressed at this blog a few times that most tweets in the future will not emanate from human fingers. Looks like some of them will emanate from the heart.

New Scientist

Evidence of water in megacanyon on Mars
Water cycle goes bust as the world gets warmer
Quantum thermometers usher in the big chill
Evidence of water in megacanyon on Mars
Deep space drama: Top 10 views of the southern skies
Tune in to the live whale song network
Sweaty palms and puppy love: The physiology of voting
Chemistry Nobel winner: My work is not done
Stuxnet: the online front line
Ancient tattoos linked to healing ritual
Black widow pulsar is fattest collapsed star yet
Exoskeleton helps the paralysed walk again
Extreme PowerPoint: a 3D slide show
Innovation: Online army turns the tide on automation
Audio zoom picks out lone voice in the crowd
Andre Geim: Why graphene is the stuff of the future
Breaking the noise barrier: Enter the phonon computer
Scratched glasses give perfect vision
Ditch the glasses for lifelike 3D
White House turns green with solar panels
Physicists win Nobel using sticky tape and pencil
First frictionless superfluid molecules created
Wind farms make like a fish and shoal

New Scientist: Nanotechnology

Introduction: Nanotechnology
Nanotech: The shape of things to come
Work light twice as hard to make cheap solar cells
Electron vortex could trap atoms
Nano-engineered cotton promises to wipe out water bugs
Medical nanotech could find unconventional oil
Real invisibility threads would be fit for an emperor
Antibacterial socks may boost greenhouse emissions
Quantum electron 'submarines' help push atoms around
Graphene bubbles mimic explosive magnetic field
Say Cheese (Monstera Deliciosa)Image by grytr via FlickrGrow-your-own approach to wiring 3D chips
Casimir effect put to work as a nano-switch

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