Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Millions And Millions

Image representing Steven Carpenter as depicte...Image via CrunchBaseSteven Carpenter

TC Teardown: 13 Ways To Get To $10 Million In Revenues (Part I)
cheap to start but expensive to achieve scale
TC Teardown: 13 Ways To Get To $10 Million In Revenues (Part II)
media, paid service, and physical commerce ..... search, gaming, social networks, and new media ..... marketplace, video, commerce, retail, subscription, music, lead generation, hardware and payments ..... Video ad rates are typically amongst the highest in online media ($15-$20 CPM) ..... audio ads are not actionable, and display ads often get ignored (music apps tend to stay open in a browser tab in the background). ..... we will see an explosion of innovative hardware companies over the next few years
Steven Carpenter has done a good job of demystifying here, perhaps too good a job. I think the money is in the mystery. A business is much more than the sum of its parts. And there is that creative part, the human element to the sauce. Each startup really is unique, although it is perfectly plausible for a Steven Carpenter to come along and box them up into a few swift categories.

"It can be done over and over again," Sam Walton said. He was talking about reinventing retailing, of course.

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