Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unique URL For Facebook Updates

Image representing Lars Rasmussen as depicted ...Image by Google via CrunchBaseWhile I was reading this TechCrunch post about the father of Google Wave jumping ship to go join Facebook, I came across something I have wanted a long time. For a long time I have wanted every Facebook update of mine to have a unique URL that gets automatically fed to the search engines. My privacy settings on Facebook have been to Everyone from the outset.

Example: Facebook update: Am I smart?

Just like each tweet is its own entity, each Facebook update/post is its own entity. And I should be able to search my entire wall for a Facebook post/update from whenever. And I should be able to search a friend's wall similarly. Sometimes you want to go back to a post you remember from a long time ago. I want each of my photo albums and photos to similarly have unique, simple URLs. I like this format where you use my basic Facebook URL - - and then file type - post/album/photo - and then a number. That's it.

How long has this been going on? I asked for this at my blog months and months ago. The simple, unique URL is here, but that specific search box for the walls is not here yet. If I can access a friend's wall, why can't I search through that person's entire wall instead of having to click on that "older posts" link yet one more time?

Let me reveal a secret. My favorite thing about Facebook from day one has been the fonts it uses. The way they do it makes for such an aesthetically satisfying experience.
Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseAnd now if I could only have a way to search through my entire wall, I would post on my Facebook wall more often, and I would share those URLs more often.

Maybe Facebook wants me to go over to Bing. I have never really used Bing. Should I? I use Google RealTime search to locate my old tweets. Where do I go to locate my old Facebook updates? Bing?

When I want to find my tweet where I talked about "zebra," I go to the Google RealTime page and do a search on "paramendra zebra." Works like a charm.

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Anonymous said...

how do you find the unique URL for each facebook status update/post?

Paramendra Kumar Bhagat said...

Click on the time stamp.

Yancey Grantham said...

Thanks Paramendra. I was trying to find where to get the unique URL and found your post through a Google search.

I thought it was funny that I was searching all over for the URL and it was there in the time stamp.

I enjoyed your blog post, thank you again.

- Yancey

Anonymous said...

thanks, that's cool!