Monday, October 11, 2010

Grrls In Tech Wednesday: Facebook Writer

His events mailing list is the best thing Charlie O'Donnell ever did, I think. This video below is from when Charlie was young. Word is he was pretty awesome back in the days.

So today I open up my email from being on Charlie's list, and one event pops out more than any other.
Wednesday, October 13th

6:30PM Girls in Tech NYC presents a Live Interview with David Kirkpatrick, Author of The Facebook Effect
Like with all of the best events on Charlie's list, this one was full too. So I wrote to the organizer. Felicia Moeis wrote back. I got to sign up. I get to show up.

This was my pitch to her.
Would really like to come to your event Wednesday. Promise to blog about it. You will get exposure.
Women Are Better
To Make Sense Of The Facebook Movie

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