Thursday, October 21, 2010

Event At Hunch: Gender Talk (1)

Natalia Oberti Noguera (The Pipeline) was sitting to my left: she is from Colombia, she is at Columbia. Elena Silenok was sitting to my right. (Clothia) Lauren - friend to event host Rachel Sklar - was standing behind Elena. Natalia taught me how to pronounce Sklar. One left over to Natalia was Deborah Umunnabuike. In front of Elena was, I forget her name. Audrey?

Change the ratio, sure, but by this much?

"If I go over to get some food, do you think someone will come take my seat?" I asked Natalia.

"Don't worry, I will watch it for you," she said.

"What if you were looking the other way at that very moment?" I said. I did not go.

The event ended and Rachel Sklar announced that the event was over because the food was "melting." And that is when I finally went.

It was a packed room. There were a whole bunch of people left standing.

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