Saturday, October 09, 2010

Did New York City Just Buy TechCrunch? I Think We Did

Image representing TechCrunch as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseThis is more than putting a few million dollars into Mike Arrington's pocket. The bad boy of Silicon Valley is going to be keep being the bad boy of Silicon Valley, but now he is bought.

"All your chats are belong to me," the Russian founder of Chatroulette said at one point. Well, Mikie, all your blog posts now belong to us. We are New York City. We own TechCrunch now.

Mashable was already here. Now we got TechCrunch. What's left? (Mike Arrington's Big Day)

We should let Larry and his boys out there in Silicon Valley duke it out with hardware. Let's not get into hardware. (Putting My Money On Larry Ellison)

New York City has the lead on the mobile web and we need to keep that and grow that. Web services have gone global by now, and that is swell, but that is another soccer field we can keep munching on.

Facebook's Location Patent

New York City is number two right now. Silicon Valley is number one. What will it take to become number one? We just bought TechCrunch. Hell, ya!

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